Fisher Price Imaginext DC Super Flight Gotham City

Imaginext DC Super Flight Gotham City

The boys bedroom is full of Imaginext toys. They remain one of my favourites- proven to be hard-wearing, withstanding the wear and tear of little hands. My children have so many favourite toys- many lose parts, or break. I look across the worktops of the boys’ room and all I see is Imaginext. So, of course, the chance to test out the Fisher Price Imaginext DC Super Flight Gotham City was met with enthusiasm all round. Imaginext DC Super Flight Gotham CityThe Imaginext DC Super Flight Gotham City is a bit more ‘technical’ than our other Imaginext toys. Whilst Gotham City is similar, in style and functionality to other Imaginext toys, it is the Flight Tower which really sets this toy apart. What more could any 5-year child want than to see Batman fly?

Gotham City is connected to the flight tower- both physically and via the power pad. Working like a remote, the power pad means Batman can fly, high low, 360 degrees. The second power pad, creating nearly as much excitement, lights up Gotham City. The projectile launcher also lights up the bat signal with accompanying sounds.Imaginext DC Super Flight Gotham CityNot included in the pack is the need for AA batteries, for the flight tower and the light. The batteries in the light tower can wear quickly- especially where excited children are involved, this is worth bearing in mind. In saying that once the excitement of the flight is over, the children use the feature as often as needed for their imagination which helps.

In the case of Gotham City, unlike other Imaginext toys, is there is a need for adult intervention for assembly purposes. Nothing a multi-purpose screwdriver can’t solve, but it’s worth having one to hand.

Whilst the Flight Tower provides the new, the excitement compared to other Imaginext toys, Gotham City features all the knowns, the features which ensure my children are playing with their toys over and over again.

Super-Flight Gotham City has a lift allowing you to explore the three levels, stairs, a trap door and working doors. Along with the pie-launcher children are engrossed.Imaginext DC Super Flight Gotham CityWhat I loved about Gotham City is how interchangeable it is with other Imaginext toys. The playset comes with Batman and Joker figures, there are other characters- like Thor and Wonder Woman- available separately, and equally figures from other Imaginext toys can be used.

The children are obsessed with the figures. With adjustable arms and legs the figures will work with easily with other Imaginext toys and a child’s imagination.

Our children have other Batman Imaginext toys as well as Power Rangers and Superman. The great part of a child’s imagination is the lack of compartments- everyone plays together (and are wounded in the cause of battle) in a way which fulfils, and keeps my children out of trouble.

Our conclusion? It is loved, it has quickly become a favoured toy, and most often finding its way to the lounge on the weekend alongside the Batcave and Gotham Jail. With a variety of figures it’s perfect for enjoying a child’s imagination and keeping them engrossed.Imaginext DC Super Flight Gotham CityI’d love to say the battery use is a down-side, but as Imaginext toys don’t usually use batteries it seems a small inconvenience for the wonder of Batman flying.

I have loved the peaceful moments of playtime, and I know my little ones have loved their playtime.

And for a bit of added humour, here is the children’s ‘unboxing’ video (a real-time version can be found on their Three Awesome Kids channel):

The Fisher Price Imaginext DC Super Flight Gotham City retails for £44.99.

Disclosure: We received the Fisher Price Imaginext DC Super Flight Gotham City and Super Friends for the purpose of this review. All opinions and views contained are our own.

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