Dressing a SAHD with Jacamo – A review

SAHD with Jacamo - Photo by Joe Pizzio on Unsplash

There’s a lot of humour around Mr J’s role as a SAHD. Six years on he remains one of the interesting specimens, best observed from behind the glass. I am sure he’s renowned at the school gates for doing the school run in shorts and crocs- throughout the year. So when Jacamo offered to update his wardrobe, well, it was only going to go one way.

As the working parent it becomes quite insightful to see the reactions of others. What should or shouldn’t the stay-at-home parent do, or be expected to do. Like most matters of life, it’s one of personal choice. To us it comes down to the decision, and choices, which result in a stay-at-home parent.
Our choice was based around the cost of childcare, three under two, three children born within 22 months was never going to make for affordable childcare. Having looked after my children, and survived, the expectation of housework was not in my sights.

Six years on, it’s still about choices. Six years of pulling our belt in hasn’t harmed us, but it has enabled us to feel better about the life we afford our children beyond the financially driven.Freedom with a SAHDMr J it seems has done better than most stay-at-home parents in keeping on top of his hobbies. Mile long swims each morning and squash sessions in the afternoon are part of his sanity. And I can’t knock him for that. Not when I expect him to cope with my lack of routine at work and regular nights away. When I’m home, like him, I like to have hobbies and interests tolerated.  

So, thinking of clothes which would cheer him up resulted in two considerations, swimshorts for his morning excursion and t-shirts for afternoon sessions.

It’s fair to say the choice at Jacamo is immense. Fortunately with lots of recognisable brand names it was easy to find choices which Mr J would appreciate. 

The summer holidays have thrown all schedules and routines out of the window. Both squash and swimming are now a luxury for Mondays (my day off). Which of course makes stepping into new clothes even more of an occasion.

Disclosure: We received clothing from Jacamo for the purpose of this review. All opinions and views contained are our own.

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