Creating Rainbow Dash Hair- with Interplay UK

My Little Pony is a consistent part of our 6yo’s life, and so of this blog. Her love of all things Rainbow and Friendship meant I could finally succumb to one of her wishes in transforming her hair to that akin of Rainbow Dash.

Interplay UK Hair Lights

Interplay UK have produced Hair Lights, and whilst they are most recommended for ages 8 and up, with adult supervision and the Easter Holidays dawning I thought we could give them a go, with the buffer of keeping CM happy and a fortnight to handle any unintended consequences!

As it was, it couldn’t have gone more perfectly. Albeit the boys didn’t quite get their dream hair. The photos below show my attempts with short hair, admittedly with more time and attention the look could definitely be improved, but it was the way the colours took to longer hair with which I was more concerned.

Interplay UK Hair Lights

CM’s hair is a labour of love. She HATES anybody messing with her hair, it is fine, naturally curly, and she loves swimming. It is a nightmare every morning. But of course, the independent streak means that more than ANYTHING she wants hair like Rainbow Dash.

And as it was, it was ok. I wet her hair and brushed it through and left it to dry whilst B & E had their colours done.

With longer hair the Hair Lights were a dream, following the comprehensive instructions we got to work and we LOVED the results.

Interplay UK Hair Lights

And I became the best mum EVER (so long as CM never finds out I spent my twenties with actual blue and red streaks through my hair). 

What can I tell you about using hair lights? They definitely work better on longer hair and as streaks. They are a labour of love, the more patient you are the more dynamic the result. If you have a blondie child, the blue and green will remain a lot longer.  You could definitely get away with putting the colours in on a Friday night/ Saturday morning and a shampoo wash on Sunday night/ Monday morning would guarantee school would know no difference. And they are really straightforward, by child 3 I had little patience but wanted to do a good job, and my sanity remained in tact. Definitely worth the investment, great for rainbows, great for one-off streaks to make the day more fun, and an fantastic addition to any fancy dress party, or just a good party.

Disclosure: We received Interplay UK’s Hair Lights for the purposes of this review. All opinions and views contained are our own.

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