Creating memories this Valentine’s with Snapfish

When we were married, nearly six years ago, along with bouquets for our mums we used Snapfish to create a photo album of CM’s first year. We probably needn’t have bothered with the flowers.

On arriving home from honeymoon, suspicion had set in and so, the tale goes, a few weeks later we were to find babies in my tummy.

And, despite having the most wonderful memories of our wedding day, and having two fantastic photographers, we never found the time to create a photo album of our day.

And whilst life in digital is great, and on every wedding anniversary I change my social media avatar to any one of my favourite wedding photos, there is nothing which beats a good book.

It goes back to memories of my childhood, rainy days were spent with button tins, my mum’s jewellery box or turning the pages of my parent’s wedding album.

And of course, since becoming a parent, I have appreciated more and more the memories my parents created for me.

This year, and every year on, appreciating the memories is more important than ever. Photos which capture happiness and love, which will be holding points for our children.

And so, for Valentine’s Day I went back to Snapfish, this time to create a photo album for him (and maybe for me), but more for him. To hold our memories close.

Creating a photo album with Snapfish, with more photos than I knew what do with, is really straightforward. With lots of tools to make sure you end up with your perfect album. Snapfish Wedding Photo Album

I started by uploading all of my photos to a separate album (I have previously upload photos but only ordered them as single photos or posters. I then spent rather a long time trying to edit photos, but ended up falling back in love with all of them.
Wedding 3 Once I had edited myself as much as possible, I uploaded to an album to get an initial feel for the album- this is really straight forward given the dropdown menus on hand to guide you through.Snapfish Wedding Photo AlbumWhat I really liked about Snapfish is that they don’t hide the cost at any time. You can select the size of the album, and cover, and all the time to price is indicated on screen.Snapfish Wedding Photo Album
Once you’ve selected your album there is a really helpful button, Snapfish will autofill your album! This is a great feature when you don’t know where to start! You can then play around to your heart’s content- changing layouts, changing pages, reorganise the album as you grab pages and move them to a more chronological state. Once you’re happy with the order you can even change it a bit more by making your favourite photos take up the whole page, and add additional page where needed. And handily, all the time keeping an eye on the pennies.

Snapfish Wedding Photo Album
As soon as you order your gift an email lands in your inbox letting you know when your order is due.
I loved creating this album, and I really hope Mr J appreciates his Valentine’s Day gift.
And I’m feeling like I’ve neglected the idea of creating an album for every year of our children’s lives. Especially since last week my computer died, and with it so many photos.
The joy of technology, whilst I love our online functionality I do love to flick through photo albums and reminisce days gone by.
Snapfish happily brings these two together.

Snapfish albums are available as part of a range of photo gifts available on their website.

Disclosure: We received a voucher for the purposes of this review. All opinions and views contained are our own.

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