Build A Bear Workshop Stuffing Station

Build A Bear Workshop Stuffing Station

If your children are like mine, Build-A-Bear Workshop has the potential to empty piggy-banks. I do like the concept – invest in the bear and use your pocket money on the outfits. My children now have a bear each, as well as a My Little Pony and Storm Troopers respectively. I can’t risk another walk through! So I was really eager to find out what the Build A Bear Workshop Stuffing Station had to offer.Build A Bear Workshop Stuffing StationRetailing around £30 (currently £21.99 at Smyths) the Build A Bear Workshop Stuffing Station offers a mini Build-A-Bear experience. Perfect in child terms. A stuffing station, a heart with message, the zip up and a mini bear. And what’s more, like the actual store you can also find more bears and furry fashions to maximise your use of the station.Build A Bear Workshop Stuffing StationThe Build A Bear Workshop Stuffing Station is designed for children aged 4+. I will add a video of the children using the machine to their YouTube channel (Three Awesome Kids). It’s definitely one for a bit of adult supervision up until the age of 7.

To fill the bear the outer needs to be fitted around the machine which is a little tricky. You need to fill a little at a time and make sure you have the arms and legs filled. For this bit little hands are much better but they do need guidance. Use of a split paperclip is also essential to complete the bear. Build A Bear Workshop Stuffing StationBeing involved as a parent is a far more enjoyable experience, but I have children who insist they can do it all themselves.

The children love the bears they were rewarded with from the making process. They insisted on carrying them everywhere. To the point where we think we’ve lost brown bear before mummy had chance to take a photo but we do know it’s somewhere safe- I believe them.

We are left with a stuffing machine which in part is taking space. But, here’s the thing, we can empty the bears and refill (well we can even if there is little point). Just when they start asking about a trip to the Build-A-Bear Workshop I can pacify them, temporarily, with a trip to a toy store for an outfit kit. Making sure the Build-A-Bear Workshop is kept for really special occasions.

This is a great experience for children, especially as they can take responsibility for the tasks the grown-ups have in the actual workshop.

There is the cost, which is justified in terms of the actual experience. The station does provide you with everything you need- including the creation of the certificate and props, as per the in-store experience.

And the children love the experience and the idea that they have created their own, much loved, bear.

It’s a definite thumbs up from my three.

Disclosure: We received a Build A Bear Workshop Stuffing Station and Furry Fashions for the purpose of this review. All opinions and words are our own.

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