Broadening horizons with Adagio Teas

Broadening horizons with Adagio Teas

When I started a proper job I joined the brigade of people ashamed of not liking hot drinks. Bar a hot chocolate from time to time, I really didn’t enjoy tea or coffee. Peer pressure plays a role, small talk around a kettle which is about to boil. I joined the coffee lovers club, quickly conforming to the band who can’t function before caffeine.

Pregnancy saw something really odd happen. For the first time in my life I enjoyed traditional British tea (with milk). And not only because I swore myself off caffeine, but because I actually enjoyed it. One of life’s mysteries is that I really don’t enjoy tea with milk when I’m not pregnant.

And yes, enjoying tea isn’t worth a permanent state of pregnancy.

As a proper grown up, I was also introduced to the concept of afternoon tea. And there’s so much to love about this ritual. Little sandwiches, designed for easy consumption. And cake, so much gorgeous cake. There was only the consideration of tea to overcome.

I quickly became a lover of teas which don’t involve milk. Teas which taste of flavours I enjoy- berries, vanilla and peach. And whilst it became a wonderful part of the afternoon tea ritual, I didn’t introduce it to my day-to-day. 

I found teas with raspberries, winter berries, lemon and ginger. I couldn’t find anything which compared to the wonderful independent tea shops of Cardiff.

So, of course, when Adagio Teas contacted me, I was so eager to find out whether I could replace coffee with tea in my everyday, and whether there was great tea to be enjoyed at home.

Adagio stepped up to the challenge easily.A selection of Adagio TeasI was fortunate to receive a range of Adagio teas to broaden my horizons beyond my Americano. Each of the boxes contains four samples which makes a wonderful gift for introducing a set of new teas to your life. It almost felt like a monthly subscription where you get to introduce new tastes to your life.

My absolute favourite from drinking out are Oolong teas, so I loved the variety included in the Orchard Oolong Tea sampler. The Orchard White Teas also lent themselves to my preferences including White Blueberry, White Peach, White Strawberry and White Eternal Spring, as well as the Orchard Herbals flavours of Blood Orange, Raspberry Patch, Berry Blast and Wild Strawberry.Oolong teasThe other boxes have been fantastic for broadening my horizons. I am doing my best to lead a healthier lifestyle and have heard so much of green teas. I am in the wonderfully visual world of not being able to imagine enjoying green tea. Fortunately the sampler contains mango, citron, apricot and raspberry infusions which allows you to adapt to the taste.

And I love introducing new tastes to my day, and know that I’m reducing my caffeine intake in the process.Adagio teasAs well as samplers for allow your horizons to be broadened with Adagio teas, there’s also the opportunity to enjoy what you love, and purchase your favourite teas – or teas you want to try – in individual flavours in a range of sizes. I love Rooibos Vanilla so love the idea of Rooibos Vanilla Chai in a packet which will see me through every afternoon setback to a state of moving forward.

Whilst I haven’t bought into the whole ‘chai’ thing which I’ve seen in coffee shops, it was good to be able to see what I thought in the safety of my own home- the comfort to be happy in my thoughts. And yes, I loved the white chai. So I’ve disproven my own coffee shop tastes.

I was also introduced to the IngenuiTEA, a fantastic fuss-free approach to loose tea. A clever version of a cafetière, you simply leave your tea to brew and pop it over your mug to serve.White chai ingenuiTEA

Ingenuitea by Adagio TeasAs well as the IngenuiTEA, Adagio also offer other options to making loose teas an easier choice when you’re on the go. I’ve loved the paper tea filters for popping in our teapot (I finally have a use for the teapot we *had* to have for no purpose, until now).

And can I just mention – because they’re in the photo and absolutely delicious – the fun loose teas which Adagio curate. I cannot begin to describe how delicious these teas are, so much so I searched for ‘sugar’ within the ingredients. They are fab and fun, and a wonderful pick-me-up when your afternoon needs a little bit more.Simple solutions for loose tea I’ve loved the excuse to introduce a few more tastes into my life- especially those which mean I’m not counting calories in the process.

Adagio Teas have a wonderful range of teas, and I love the samplers for encouraging new tastes. Whilst we’re not travelling the vast distances we did in days gone by, I am loving the ability to expand my favourite tastes with Adagio Teas.

Disclosure: I received a range of Adagio Teas for the purpose of this review. All opinions and words contained are my own.

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