Bedroom peace with S+ by ResMed

Sleeping better with S+ by ResMed

Musical beds are just something of a given in our home. As rooms have been decorated so rules have been enforced. Sleepovers are only meant to happen on the weekend. Whilst rules have been enforced, there are always exceptions. My sleep has always been precious, so when the opportunity to improve my sleeping behaviours with S+ by ResMed was offered, I was intrigued to see what could be improved.S+ ResMed insituI have tried and failed with fitbits, I have a watch which I am committed. And I didn’t find my behaviour changed.

The S+ by ResMed whilst welcomed, was always accompanied by a cynical perspective. Fortunately the optimistic was looking for any chance of a reduction in people commenting on how tired I looked.

And the S+ reinforced everything I know.

The good news is, it looks good and is super easy to set up.S+ by ResMedPlug in, download an app on your phone. Pair your phone with bluetooth, and efficiently the S+ socket also has a USB point to charge your phone. 

Each night, before drifting off, record your stress, exercise, caffeine and alcohol levels. You can choose to de-stress your mind by recording to-do notes and ease yourself into sleep with sound. And after selecting sleep you are done.S+ by ResMed ReviewYou can set an alarm to wake, and this is one of the absolute joys of the S+ by ResMed. I have appreciated through using the device how bad an alarm (or children) are for waking you up with a start and stressing you for the day. The alarm on the S+ gradually wakes you, you can hear it in the subconscious of your sleep before you realise it is time to wake. I have loved this feature.

Like the fitbit, the S+ doesn’t tell you anything you’re not already aware of, but in its detail the S+ motivates you to change.S+ by ResMed screenshotsMy screen shots demonstrated how much my sleep suffers on official ‘musical bed’ nights. The differences in sleep patterns and the way I felt were so obvious when I could set out how I felt against sleep patterns.

In some ways I don’t mind, my children deserve to be cherished, and whilst they can take liberties, they should be allowed to. But appreciating this was something I hadn’t considered. Trying to find ways to make up for this (reduced alcohol and caffeine, increased exercise) were benefits of having the S+ mentor taking note of my sleep pattern.

I know the S+ isn’t telling me anything I don’t already know. Unlike the Fitbit, it is giving me a better assessment of my sleep. This in itself enables me to personally acknowledge and take responsibility for what happens on the days sleep isn’t as forthcoming.

I’m not sure of the negatives of the S+ by ResMed if you are looking to understand and influence your sleep patterns.S+ by ResMed boxedThe price, at an RRP of £129.95 is an extravagance. But being told by your boss every time you see her how tired you look is draining. Like stepping on the weighing scales on a daily basis, understanding and influencing your sleeping patterns is crucial to better health. In my opinion, most sleep trackers won’t distinguish the quality of sleep and won’t track what can be impacting this. 

I feel my sleep patterns have been reinforced by tracking my sleep with the S+. I am more likely to want to influence my sleep patterns. Since tracking my sleep I am more likely to be found in bed before midnight, such is the effort which goes into a better quality of sleep.

It’s not great to acknowledge that it’s only through investing in a remedy than the cure is obvious. The truth is the S+ (like every other gadget) is telling you the blindingly obvious.  Akin to exercise and diet, sleep is an essential balance. The S+ definitely supports you in making the most of this commodity.

I do feel better for using the S+. It’s minimal effort to switch on each evening. The ability of reinforcing why a good night’s sleep makes all the difference becomes blindingly obvious.

Disclosure: I received the S+ by ResMed for the purpose of this review. All words and opinions contained are my own.

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