Christmas fun with Awesome Little Green Men

Awesome Little Green Men Aim

With Christmas no longer tip-toeing up to us, but rather like a herd of elephants- who doesn’t need a team of Awesome Little Green Men in their life?

The boys have all too clear memories of stockings in their room on Christmas morning. These stockings feature socks, stationery and collectibles. I have to admit it sounds like the perfect Christmas stocking (personally I’d add some Charlotte Tilbury make-up). I have no memory of it, well I do but it’s hazy. I’m scared of the sense of expectation.Christmas with Awesome Little Green MenBut it seems, if I were to step up to the mark this year, it would be with Awesome Little Green Men. Like collectibles which have been loved in the past, you can find starter kits as well as the Christmas biased blind boxes. Because unlike my childhood, it seems no Christmas stocking is complete without blind bags/ boxes.

Somebody find my cool.Awesome Little Green Men Series 1 CollectibleAnd to be honest, I kind of like the Awesome Little Green Men. I know ‘people’ wouldn’t have quite the same ring.

I also know we’ve got lots of Awesome Little Green Men which are women. So my immediate niggle is overcome.

And I love their character, and the boys love their characteristics. It seems part of the play is how the Awesome Little Green Men stack up against each other.An Awesome Little Green Men Christmas TreeEach Awesome Little Green Man arrives with a dog tag to help you understand how they stack up.

Fortunately, this is only half the attraction. Once this has been played out, the characters do remain.

The boys have been quite militant (pun intended) in returning their ALGM to their stocking each evening. The fun of deciding each day who is on whose team, the battles which commence.

To be honest, reluctance about guns long left me with the pressure of Nerf guns. I’m just enjoying watching the boys go into battle gender-irrelevant. This is all about the conviction of their own sound effects. Awesome Little Green Men FireAs collectibles go, Awesome Little Green Men feature some of the most sturdy toys, I’m sure you’d expect nothing less of an army. But they’re not going to break on you anytime soon, and fortunately they’re that nice feeling plastic- not brittle but softly sturdy. If you’re used to children’s toys I’m hoping you’ll know what I mean.Awesome Little Green Men TankerSo, if you’ve got children like mine. Who would love a stocking full of collectibles. Well, you’d not go far wrong in encouraging them to write Awesome Little Green Men on their Christmas List.

Disclosure: We received a stocking of Awesome Little Green Men for the purpose of this review. All words and opinions contained are our own.

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