Appreciating spa breaks with Simply Be

Spa Breaks by Phoebe Dill

For some reason the idea of spa breaks never really did it for me. In my head there were many reasons. I’m not a particular fan of physical contact with complete strangers. Whilst I’m happy to read a book, I don’t really like flicking through magazines. I find it hard to relax, I seem to fill my spare time with ‘things’, oh, and I don’t like swimming.

Seems a good enough list to have managed to avoid any hint of a spa. That was until last year when one of my besties turned 40. It was a “one for all, and all for one”, and the promise that time with friends is never time poorly spent.

I was converted.

After confiding with colleagues in work about my reservations, I returned to work like I had found a new religion. 
The truth is I enjoyed it completely with friends, but actually I could while away a day at a spa solo (with a good book to hand of course).

It turned out to be a hotel and spa which all the best memories are made. Slightly ‘Fawlty Towers – esque’ given I had a real-life conversation about whether adjoining rooms were defined as ‘having the corridor between them’. But in truth, moments like these make for even better laughter.

Then there were the spa treatments. Oh my. Oh my poor back. To have been begrudged a back massage for too long. It wasn’t uncomfortable, it wasn’t intrusive to my personal space. And I found out just how many knots, and how much tension my back carries.

And it was so good, the following year when a spa weekend was suggested for the same besties hen weekend I was fully signed up.

I’ve now gone as far as to seek out the perfect spa outfit with Simply Be. The only swimsuit I own (which fits) is a sports all-in-one. Not because I’m sporty, but because I felt more comfortable with shorts. After realising how flattering tankinis are, I started looking at the Curvy Sue swimwear

I loved the Simply Be website because of the range offered, I like being able to buy swimwear by bra size and there was a good range on offer. There was also a great range of wider swimwear, so I browsed through kimonos, sarongs and fell for a kaftan. I also found a pair of great value flats.

Spa Breaks with Simply BeThe truth is you only really need swimwear. Lots of spas have gowns and slippers for you to wear around well you’re there. But there’s nothing quite like being prepared, and feeling the part. 

Just knowing that my wardrobe has this outfit in it means I’m ready to sign up to another spa day!

Disclosure: I received clothing for the purpose of this review. All opinions and words contained are my own.


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