Family fun with the 5 Second Rule Jr. Game

When I was introduced to this game at Blog On I instantly saw the fun and advantages it might bring to our family. The 5 Second Rule Jr. is for children age 6 and up, so a family game perfect for us. The premise of University Games 5 Second Rule Jr. is to name three things in five seconds, with whatever prompt is offered. If you’ve ever met my three you’ll know they have the ability to spin a yarn. Not just the ability to stretch a story, but especially for E to add superlatives. Over the summer I’d picked him up on the repetition of “Mum, can I just tell you…”, because regardless, he was going to tell me. He quickly changed this to “By the way,….”. So, I laughed inside at thinking of how well he’d cope with this game.

And I also understood the benefits. So much of what my three do at school, rightly or wrongly, is time bound. Big Maths, spelling tests, both rely on the ability to focus the mind. And all three of mine struggle with this. B and E especially need time to relax into focus, and CM always needs time to ponder half way.

So, the concept of this game really did appeal to me.Playing the 5 second rule gameI couldn’t have predicted the fun which would be created.

Despite all preconceptions, E was actually the strongest player, probably because he thrives on his imagination. CM on the other hand relied on word association, which didn’t stand the test of challenge. Oh, the resultant strops.Making The 5 Second Rule JrSo, it was fantastic the next day to receive WhatsApp messages from Mr J that there was consensus after school to take the game to the boys bedroom for all three to play. And they did, quietly, for over an hour.

And when I got home for the week, all they wanted to do over the weekend was to carry on playing.

It really is a great game for this age range. The questions nurture both the imagination and recall. They encourage young readers. And, like it or not, they encourage children to work within a time limit.

And, of course, it’s fantastic humour for a parent. I love observing a game as much as participating. Although the children have begun to understand my competitive spirit.

As first family board games go, this is a great introduction. It’s simple in its premise, encourages competitive spirit, and nurtures skills need in education. And my children love it. Job done.

Disclosure: We received the 5 Second Rule Jr. for the purpose of this review. All words and opinions contained are our own.

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