Monster High Birthday Party Invites

Monster High Party Invites

The perfect 7th birthday party it seems is Monster High themed, and so these Monster High Birthday Party Invites went down a treat with the little girl in our home.

After finding a template I set about creating versions which would allow me to create a more 3-dimensional invite.

Whilst I didn’t get as far as figuring out how to print onto black card, these proved really effective and simple at the same time.Monster High Birthday Party InvitesWith the templates created, I used white card to print two skull outlines per A4 sheet, I messed up a little bit here, in that as I was cutting them out I realised I hadn’t flipped the template (the template below is a flipped version). For the eyes I set the printer as nine per page which worked well size wise. Admittedly I couldn’t figure out how to print the bow without being wasteful- I really wanted to print them in cerise card, and couldn’t get them to the right size without maintaining two per A4 card- printing on both sides meant I managed to get four per page, I think with perseverance you could get more.Monster High Birthday Party InvitesTo assemble the cards, I used glue for the invite and the skull outline- I’m sure there’s a way to just use one piece of card (a black marker pen would probably do the job) but I liked the thickness of two pieces of card. I used decoupage sticky pads to add the bow, eyes and nose to create a bit of three dimension, and then tested using pink glitter paint and pink glitter glue to lift the bow a bit more.

CM much preferred the coverage of the glitter paint, so that’s what we went with. I think if there was a next time I’d add the glitter glue over the paint, but to add dimension to the bow, rather than as an outline. Monster High Birthday Party Invites

I absolutely love the finished invitations. And with the seal of approval from a 7-year-old ridiculously into all things Monster High, hopefully they offer a simple approach to any Monster High themed party.

I’d love to know how you get on if you’re planning a Monster High party!

Monster High Birthday Party Invites Monster High Birthday Party Invites Monster High Birthday Party Invites Monster High Birthday Party Invites

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