Make Your Own Nerf War Party Invites

Make Your Own Nerf War Party Invites

Creating a birthday party is one of the highlights of my year. It’s a sad truth, but it’s a complete distraction from work and a complete celebration of a family event. In this case the request came in for a Nerf shaped 7th birthday celebration. So, the posts about how this celebration came together starts with Nerf War Party Invites.

I couldn’t figure out how to make an invitation inspired by the boys’ Nerf arsenal, it seemed too detail oriented- and I learned my lessons from CM’s climbing party. Creating a target-styled invitation was momentarily tempting until Pinterest research showed I had overlooked the all-important matter of ammo.

Creating Nerf War Party Invites using the vital Nerf darts allowed my craft tendency to go into overdrive. Rather than using cardboard I opted to source swimming noodles- which, when preparing for a January party in the UK is far from sensible. Who doesn’t love Ebay?

Nerf invite prototypes

The invitations were really straightforward to make, demanding a little patience and perseverance. Starting by cutting a swimming noodle into 15cm sections. I don’t know why but my memory of swimming noodles was that they were hollow. That wasn’t the case. So I used a craft knife to hollow out the noodles in order to insert a rolled-up invitation.

Because I guess this was the question- whilst Nerf dart invitations look the part- which part of it was the invite? Using the hollowed out section to send the invitation seemed fitting.

Once the swimming noodle was converted into an oversized Nerf dart sized and hollowed out, orange duct tape came into play. Wrapped around the circumference of the dart with a second piece cut to cover the radius.

With the Nerf dart complete, the focus was on creating the invite.

Nerf invite preparation

The invites were made using PicMonkey using a downloadable Nerf logo. I found a font similar to that used by Nerf and colour matched. To make it easier to hand out the invitations I used the same design on a blue background to print the invitees names to affix to the darts.

The designs are I used are below- really simple and effective..

Nerf War Party Invite template

Nerf War Party Invite

I know I’ve only got a couple of birthdays left having so much fun with their parties- I can’t wait to see what the next party has in store.

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  • Reply
    Sarah | Boo Roo and Tigger Too
    January 29, 2018 at 09:13

    These look absolutely fantastic! You have such a creative mind

  • Reply
    Sharon Stanley
    January 30, 2018 at 09:23

    For future reference the bar protectors of trampolines are hollow or for a cheaper alternative pre hollowed the scaffold bar covers (can’t think of the exact name of them though). Great ideas though to have the theme from invitation through to party xx

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