Make Your Own Nerf War goody bags

Nerf War goody bags

Following on from creating a Nerf Party Invitation which looked the part, I really wanted to offer Nerf  War goody bags which were in-keeping with the boys’ expectations of their party. So turning to orange and blue was a must.

I was really inspired by the Star Wars party bags created by The Party Wiz for the boys’ party last year, and the effectiveness of the simple addition of tissue paper.Nerf War PartyAs we were going for a very simple party idea I decided to carry this through to the party bags. I’ll write a follow-up post about the party itself. But to give it away, for the party we needed to invest in Nerf guns. So, there was a logic to include them in the party bags. It was that or increasing our arsenal of Nerf guns beyond any possible need.

The boys love the Nerf jackets which are currently on-sale. Whilst I couldn’t meet this request, I found a fab wrist bracelet to hold Nerf ammo on ebay, so these were included- with ammo- in the goody bags.Nerf War Goody BagsThe bags and tissue paper were also sourced from eBay. I created a template on Picmonkey to complement the bags. The boys are really particular about their goody bags and their classmates. As a result, one had orange bags and the other blue.

Whilst the boys preference was to stick with their colours, I went with my preference to contrast the labels and tissue paper.Nerf goody bagsAs well as the mandatory slice of cake (of course wrapped in a colour-coordinated napkin) we also agreed that sweets in a goody bag are a must.

I found some orange and blue cellophane cone bags on eBay and popped to the pound shop to stock up on sweets. I have it good authority from the boys that I was meant to have unwrapped the sweets before putting them in the cone, but my OCD creeps in, and I much prefer packaged sweets.

And that was it.

I know goody bags are such a bone of contention and this one may seem a little OTT. But I do feel justified. Why?

The party was for two children. The goody bag was to thank children for coming to both of my boys special day.

This was the exact party my boys wanted. So, no complaints. The bonus of meeting their ideal was the cost of the party. The cost, including goody bags, was much more reasonable than hiring a soft-play or trampoline session. So the goody bags weren’t the expense the could have been.

And as I always say. I’m not going to have forever making my children’s birthday a special day. So whilst I can, whilst they let me, I will.

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    Sarah | A Few Favourite Things
    February 17, 2018 at 07:51

    You make it sound so easy gathering the different components to create masterpiece goody bags. Not sure my efforts would be quite as good.

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