Make Your Own Horrible Histories Birthday Party

Horrible Histories Birthday Party

Putting together a themed party gets more challenging as your children get older. The downside of bringing up children to have a voice. CM really wanted a Quasar party, my heart sank at the lack of scope for being creative. Fortunately mid-crisis I received the Sherman Theatre’s family programme. The hope of a Horrible Histories birthday party began.

CM and her brothers love Horrible Histories. So much so it was our Kids Week ticket last summer. CM had decided she wanted to stay home, and reserve the right to be annoyed that we had seen such a fab show without her. The Sherman’s programming seemed like fate- earning me brownie points (I hadn’t deserve to lose) with a production she really wanted to see on her birthday weekend.Horrible Histories Birthday Party GirlProving wishes come true beyond the birthday cake candles, it snowed on CM’s birthday. Not only was CM’s 9th birthday especially magical but, smugly, it meant her intended Quasar party would have been cancelled. Oh yes, smug mummy planned the right party.

Because whilst the theatre is one of my favourite places to spend time, because the Sherman Theatre is family focused we were able to make an afternoon of CM’s celebrations.

We asked the Sherman nicely if we could have lunch ahead of the performance. Not only did they agree, but they also redecorated the foyer. Ok, this may have already been in hand. But wow. Not only is the foyer and the menu fantastic, but it felt even better packed out with an audience ready for some grime and slime.Horrible Histories Live Birthday PartyThe bar team were fantastic. Reserving a table so I could arrive a little earlier to decorate. Of course this had to be done horribly. Digging our hallowe’en favoured items. Invest in gory sweets. And celebrate with goblets and jewels.

We found sweets and toys to reinforce horrible histories. Nearly two weeks on I continue to step on plastic mice as the children delight in leaving them in places to heighten the surprise element. And as for the sticky eyes… the lovely Sherman foyer paintwork paid the price.Horrible Histories Birthday Party SweetsAs always, I went to Sweet Treats for the birthday cake. As always, Vicky exceeded expectations. The cake was superb. Not so gory that CM didn’t adore it.

As for goody bags. I can’t underestimate how amazing Google is.

I started looking for Horrible Histories themed pencils to add to goody bags. As I stumbled around the usual auction and buying site on the internet, Google led me to Craftpacks which offered fantastic value for money. 

I decided rather than spent what I usually would on goody bags, I’d spend the money on stationery. Because in life this mentality has served me well. And really, who wouldn’t trade the usual goody bag for stationery?Horrible Histories Goody BagsIt goes without saying that the performance of Horrible Histories- More Best of Barmy Britain was absolutely fantastic. Loved by all, especially the humour.

We finished the experience with a pot of Joe’s ice-cream (and a coffee for mum). 

And nine is here. My baby girl. Nine. And breathe.Horrible Histories Birthday Girl

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    Jawad Yousaf
    January 25, 2019 at 17:34

    I think it is a great post which has drawn my attention to a new side. I knew my kid love birthday parties but I was not sure about the birthday qucik arrangement ways and creating a story. This post has given me new ideas and I will arrange a few expensive gifts and money boxes for my kid for her upcoming birthday. I dont believe in horrible birthday experiences because your shared pics are great.

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