Make Your Own Horrible Histories Birthday Invitations

Homemade Horrible Histories Birthday Invitations

Horrible Histories: More Best of Barmy Britain scheduled to be at the Sherman Theatre on CM’s birthday weekend seemed too good an opportunity to overlook. I had not been forgiven that CM had not seen the show in London (despite refusing to come with us), so quickly snapped up tickets for her and some of her friends. Then came the afterthought, how to create Horrible Histories birthday invitations.

A lot of Pinterest and Google searches later, I decided the medieval look was most effective. We’ve done similar for CM’s 4th Pirates Party and B & E’s Mike the Knight Party, so I had a little experience up my sleeve.

Horrible Histories Birthday invitations

I did do things a little differently this time, not only for practicality but also to try something new.

I used the trusty Picmonkey to create an invitation so that people wouldn’t be inflicted with my attempts at calligraphy. The format I used is at the end of the post, which I thought worked really well.

I printed two to a page on cream A4 paper and then set to work with a tea light. This was a new one on me. I think previous invites were just ripped and dipped in coffee for authenticity. I forgot how messy and smelly burning paper is.

And whilst I’ve also added wax seals to invitations before, I think they must have been a lot smaller. This time I bought a set and stamp from Amazon, which I absolutely love. But oh, so time-consuming. I think there’s a really obviously reason why wax seals decreased in popularity.

Wax seal on party invitations

I also realised that going with a scroll detail and a wax seal would make it difficult to establish who the invitation was intended for. A little while ago I bought these gorgeous rose gold luggage tags from Hobbycraft on a whim. It must have been fate, as they were absolutely perfect in completing the invitation.

Horrible Histories Party Invitations completed

I loved how the invitations turned out. I think they would be perfect for any medieval gathering of knights and princesses. But for CM they were the absolutely perfect invitation for an afternoon at the theatre.

Finished Horrible Histories Birthday invitations

Horrible Histories Party

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    Sarah | Boo Roo and Tigger Too
    March 22, 2018 at 09:40

    You have such a creative flair for designing and making the perfect invitation depending on the theme

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