Creating a Star Wars Goody Bag

Star Wars Goody Bag Contents

I wrote earlier in the week about the Star Wars Birthday Cake and working with The Party Wiz on creating a fantastic Star Wars goody bag.

I thought I’d write a little more about the contents of the goody bags and how it’s possible to create great content for a Star Wars Goody Bag on a variety of budgets. Star Wars Goody Bag ContentsI think the most expensive purchase for the goody bags were the bubble wands. These were bought in bulk on ebay to keep costs down.

I prefer party bags with few items rather than those with lots of ‘stuff’ which ends up in the bin, I hope this goody bag met the brief.Star Wars Goody BagThe first task was to make the bubble wands into lightsabers. I thought this would be the most time-consuming task, the chocolates took that prize! With the bubble wands I got into a bit of a routine which turned out to be an evening well spent.Star Wars Lightsaber Bubble WandsTo make the wands, I used the silver and black sticky back plastic I had used to make the Lightsaber invitations. I cut the silver into squares to wrap around the handle, with two lengths of the black wrapped around. I used a red Sharpie to add a button.

These turned out to be just as big a hit as the invitations.Star Wars Lightsaber Bubble WandsOriginally I had planned to cater for the party, and I found lots of Star Wars products on sale on the Lakeland website, including party straws. No longer needing to provide straws, these went into the goody bags.

Looking out for sales always brings benefits.Star Wars Goody Bag StrawsThe other bargain was some chocolate moulds, and I also bought a Storm Trooper mould from ebay.

I loved the idea of creating Star Wars chocolates in the goody bags. I underestimated how time-consuming it would be to create enough for 50 children. Seeing chocolate coins on sale in Tesco prompted me to reduce the stress and top up the bags.

Saying that, this is a really good budget idea. Chocolate comes at a variety of price points. Most supermarkets also have a brand range. Moulds can be found for most fads on ebay, alongside bags to put them in. Coming up with a bag topper isn’t really essential, with a printer and Picmonkey you can design something fun.Star Wars Themed Goody Bags by The Party WizMy other offering was ‘Wookie Cookies’, again you can find designs online. I messed around with this one on Picmonkey to turn the design into a topper and added a message from the boys to the back.

The bags were 99p for 50 from The Works, at the time Maryland cookies were on offer, but again most supermarkets also do their own range.

I think these got the best response from the parents.Star Wars Wookie CookiesI also added a balloon to the bags at the request of the boys as the “must-have” item. And that was it. Job done.Star Wars Goody Bag ContentsIn the end, despite the trauma of the chocolates, I was really proud of the goody bags. We had such a great response from the children. Although lesson learned, I’m never doing class parties for my twin boys again!

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  • Reply
    Sarah | Boo Roo and Tigger Too
    February 3, 2017 at 20:58

    I do love that your party bags aren’t full of plastic tat that get’s thrown in the bin as soon as the kids have gone to bed.

    • Reply
      February 11, 2017 at 12:35

      And no hooters! My head cannot cope when we leave a party and I’m trapped in a car with no escape.

  • Reply
    February 24, 2017 at 12:33

    OH MY LIFE. Or, rather MY LIFE, OH [I’m sure that was more like Yoda]. I am in LOVE with these. You are one talented lady.

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