Creating a Climbing Birthday Invitation

Climbing Birthday Invitation

A great deal of thought has gone into CM’s 8th birthday. We seem to have reached the age where you get selective. Class parties no longer seem the thing. And instead it’s about doing ‘a something’. Hmmmm, of course, it might need to be something that no-one else before, and most importantly it needs to be something which mummy isn’t going to declare ‘out’- like, as a random example, a swimming party. And so, I ended up creating a climbing birthday invitation. Because it seems CM and I can agree on something.Climbing Birthday InvitationI’m sure you can imagine I turned to Pinterest for the purposes of making this invitation.

I do love Pinterest. I just feel the need to ‘make’ something. Whilst there are lots of Pinterest climbing inspired invitations, most are printables, and I wanted to create something. And, of course, the most tricky ones are always the ones which most easily drive your child’s eye.Climbing Birthday InvitationsI like to think it’s ok to go a bit special when you don’t have to make for the entire class (the Star Wars Lightsaber invite is firmly lodged). Originally I wanted the invite to be alongside the image, but this size meant my sanity was kept in check.Cutting a Climbing Birthday InvitationI started by finding the right image. This did turn into a bit of a nightmare. The image I ended up buying was for some kind of cutting machine.

Because I’m not technology savvy, I ended up creating a screen-shot of the image I bought as I don’t have whatever machine was needed (Silhouette). Then, as in the image above, it meant the lines showed in my prototype. So I used Picmonkey to flip the image. I think it was pretty effectivePreparing a Climbing Birthday InvitationI made two decisions, one I wanted it to be ‘2D’, so I used decoupage squares to raise the image of the surface. Creating a decoupage Climbing Birthday InvitationI also decided I loved the idea of using a rope. I’m not sure where this particular braid came from- I must have received something packaged really nicely at some point. 

The rope worked well, and I found that it was better positioned with half-squares to push the rope to the side needed in each hand.Sticking down a Climbing Birthday InvitationThe sizing didn’t work for a single side invitation. I used Picmonkey to position some words on the front which printed as 2 per A4. I then created a card-effect invite on Picmonkey and positioned my climber on the folded card using more decoupage sticky squares.The back of a Climbing Birthday InvitationAnd the invites were a little more ‘wow’ than I wanted them to be. I actually ended up thinking it worked better as a birthday card. But hey, my daughter’s only turning 8 once, and they’ll only be eight of them at the party, so I’m happy. She loved the invites, and it was an evening out of my life. Still in front of the tv, of course, but using my brain in a really exhausting way. 

I’m sure she’ll love me for it.Climbing Birthday InvitationSo now it’s onto the cake. And goody bags.

Wish me luck!

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