Craft Activities for a My Little Pony Party

My Little Pony Craft Party

For CM’s 6th birthday she decided she wanted a My Little Pony Craft party. Whilst the decoration and food was reasonably straightforward, coming up with craft activities which would be inclusive and provide lots of fun required a little bit more thought.

Of course then I had too many ideas, but given it was a two-hour party we decided on three activities: creating a memory box, creating a no-sew tutu and a piñata. This along with food ended up being a great mix. We collected bits and pieces in the lead up to the party and did a little prep work in advance. Balloon Time

The Memory Box

My Little Pony Craft PartyI bought these boxes in the Hobbycraft sale, and my lack of spacial awareness meant they turned out to be larger than I had anticipated. This then turned into a wonderful stroke of luck as rather than being the anticipated trinket box we renamed them a memory box, which on the day also doubled as a goody bag.

For decorating, I collected stickers, sequins, pom-poms, stick-on gems along with paints and felt tip pens. These came mainly from the Hobbycraft sale as well as The Works, which offers great value on craft materials.My Little Pony Craft PartyIt was lovely to see all of CM’s friends get so involved with the activity, and as always to see the variety of creative designs.My Little Pony Craft PartyMy Little Pony Craft PartyMy Little Pony Craft PartyThe Goodies

For the goody bag I collected bits and pieces over the months, from some stationery from the sale at DotComGiftShop, some My Little Pony goodies from Parties ‘R’ Us and HobbyCraft, and we made some thank-you bags of M&M’s. They definitely created interest and everyone was over the moon to have these bits and pieces added to their boxes, along with cake of course!My Little Pony Craft PartyMy Little Pony Craft Party

Rainbow Tutus

Adding a tutu to any outfit is cause for a better mood, and this was definitely true at the party, the excitement seemed to step up a level as tutus were created.

Fortunately, thanks to my wonderful mum, we had lots of colours of netting and quite a bit more than we needed. We had ten different colours, and they were cut to 6 inches wide and 1.25m long, I think we started with 50 metres in total and I’ve got a sackful left. In advance mum created elastic waist bands using CM’s measurement as the basis. 

On the day each girl stepped into the elastic and added the netting as desired. As it was a simple technique- folding the netting in half and wrapping over the elastic and pulling the two pieces through the loop (the photos probably show the end result better) the girls on the whole were able to get on with it with a little adult supervision to speed things up. The Hubby came up with a really effective technique of using a few colours at a time, it did create a bigger knot at the top, but looked great. I suspect he developed it for speed rather than aesthetic but it had a double whammy.My Little Pony Craft Party My Little Pony Craft Party Piñata fun

We finished up with a piñata, I bought one from Parties ‘R’ Us, and the hubby also bought one from Home Bargains for less than half the price. This turned out to be quite fortuitous, the quality of the Parties ‘R’ Us piñata meant that rather than holes and a few bits falling to the floor it refused to break, and when it eventually did was decapitated rather than the fun of collecting the sweets from the floor, hubby quickly transferred everything into the Home Bargains piñata and whilst the party finished a little later than planned, the fun was had by all. My Little Pony Craft Party

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    J C
    August 8, 2016 at 14:21

    Hello! This party looked so sweet! Can you share where you got to cute placement cards with the individual ponies? Thanks!

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