• Shit

    Shit – Review

    Shit is pulsating, all-consuming and graphic in what is created for the audience. How class and misogyny impact lives to beyond breaking point @TheMilkeWay @Summerhallery #Edfringe #Review…

  • E8

    E8 – Review

    In E8 it is Marika Mckennel's unpicking of the situations and motivations which shine through. Successfully bringing a hidden part of our education system to light #E8Play @ThePleasance #Edfringe #Review…

  • Mustard

    Mustard – Review

    O'Connor creates a music behind her words, holding a room which absorbs E's relationship with mustard unblinkingly. There is a beauty in the language and rhythm of the words chosen. The…

  • Pops

    Pops – Review

    Pops is a challenging production. It leaves so much to be unpicked, to explore. How do we get into places where a relationship which should mean so much are so full…

  • Camille O'Sullivan Sings Cave

    Camille O’Sullivan sings Cave – Review

    Camille O'Sullivan is feral, chaotic, controlled and passionate. Everything in conveying a love for Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds is all-embracing @camilleos @ThePleasance #review #edfringe…

  • Sparkle at Summerhall

    Sparkle – Review

    Sparkle offers a joyful storytelling for adults and children alike. With the joy of standing and being unique, there is something for everyone in this show. @sparkletheplay @summerhallery #edfringe #review…

  • Theatre

    Bobby & Amy – Review

    With an all-female creative team, Bobby & Amy is an absolute joy in simplicity and storytelling, showing how friendships can be created and sustained through the most challenging of lifetimes. @bobbyandamyplay…

  • Ane City

    Ane City – Review

    Ane City explores the feeling of belonging beyond a place of home and into identity. @ElfiePicket delivers beautifully through poetry, music and humour @Assemblyfest #review #edfringe…

  • Theatre

    Madagascar The Musical – Review

    Madagascar the Musical succeeds, perfect for a younger audience. With a few tweaks in engagement, all boxes would be ticked. And yes, those two dads- they love of the production…

  • Reflections on Camp Bestival

    Reflections on Camp Bestival – Review

    I have a feeling a few posts are to follow, intermittently, about our Camp Bestival experience. Having been invited to review the experience it still feels like Camp Bestival is summarised…