• Art Heist

    Art Heist – Review

    On initial reflection, Art Heist is fun. Mad-capped comedy is offered, underpinning potentially deeper questions of what is art and what is its value.…

  • M.E.H.

    M.E.H. – review

    In M.E.H. The Outbound Project bring something much needed to the Edinburgh Fringe. Something almost pure in its chaos. This is about an exploration, a different perspective. …

  • The Last of the Pelican Daughters

    The Last of the Pelican Daughters – Review

    The Last of the Pelican Daughters is surreal, haunting, uplifting and ultimately leaves a feeling of endearment. These aren’t the easiest of family, but there's no doubting they PeliCan. …

  • Orlando

    Orlando – Review

    Orlando draws the audience in on the basis of a novel and leaves us with a challenge. To embrace love and passion, and negate the need for the labels we so…

  • Best Girl

    Best Girl – Review

    The loss of a father, the damage of war, the inability to support those who deserve to be supported. Best Girl is a beautiful one-hour monologue. @BestGirlProductions @ThePleasance #edfringe #review…

  • Working on my Night Moves

    Working On My Night Moves – Review

    If immersing yourself in the Edinburgh Fringe involves seeking out new experiences, Working On My Night Moves is a must-have ticket. @zanettiprod @Summerhallery #edfringe #review…

  • Hold On Let Go

    Hold On Let Go – Review

    Hold On Let Go concludes with the sharing of a moment. And maybe this is what you're meant to remember. This is what stays with you. #Holdonletgo @Summerhallery #edfringe #review…

  • Oh Yes Oh No

    Oh Yes Oh No – Review

    Oh Yes Oh No opens up a chasm of questions. None of which can be answered within the theatre space. All of which are there for society to own. #OhYesOhNo @Summerhallery…