• My five for a Friday

    My five for a Friday

    It’s getting more and more difficult to find time to blog. I’m a broken record. Children getting older gives you less time not more. How wrong was I? Giving up uni…

  • Life Right Now

    Life Right Now – January

    Life right now. Literally right now. Because in a few hours it will turn again. But for now. This was my January.…

  • American Idiot Review New Theatre Cardiff

    American Idiot at the New Theatre, Cardiff

    American Idiot is a joy of music, if not quite a musical joy. To walk away with Good Riddance pulsating through your being is appreciated. This is a production which should…

  • Reflecting on work based friendships Photo by rawpixel on Unsplash
    Working mum

    Reflecting on workplace friendships

    As life moves forward, and work shows no intention of playing to any rules, I can't help but wonder. When reflecting on workplace friendships am I right to follow someone else's…

  • Blog

    Hopes and Dreams for 2019

    What would be your hopes and dreams for 2019? I've tried to be realistic in my ten. I don't think mine are a wishlist - although some are of kilter. So…

  • My favourite photo moments of 2018

    My favourite photo moments of 2018

    Having written about my favourite theatre and books of the year, I thought I'd follow up with my favourite photo moments of 2018. Albeit this was meant to be favourite moments.…

  • favourite books for 2018

    My favourite books for 2018

    I am so grateful that I get to write about my favourite books for 2018. Because it means I had choice. It means I had the time to read.…

  • Five for a Friday

    My Five for a Friday

    What a week it’s been. I’ve been reminded of why you’re meant to be off regularly throughout the year rather than be left with three weeks at the end (along with…