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Living Arrows 25/52

Last week CM made her Beaver Promise. It meant so much to her to make this promise, and then even more excitement was to come from the need to sew her badges to her jumper.

Beaver Promise Ceremony

For me it was my first run-in with compromise. Where work won.

I am lucky, I have been there for every first. I am not sure how, why I have been this fortunate.

I remember the day clearly when the boys took their first steps, into my office, within the same hour.

Of taking CM to her first days, at playschool, nursery, school. And ditto for B & E.

Assemblies, open days, have managed to fit themselves around work.

But last week, last week I missed the promise ceremony and sports day.

I got to listen to the excitement, to offer to sew the badges on when I got home, to the response “It’s ok, grandma’s going to help me when she picks us up after school.”.

And yes, it was horrible. I know I am not alone, I know I am lucky to have got away with it up until now.

It’s offset of course, CM’s excitement has carried us all along. I don’t think she actually cared I wasn’t there to witness this moment.

And that’s it, she’s growing up, it was her promise, to Badger, it was hers. 

And she didn’t need her mummy. 

It was her promise to make.

Making a Beaver Promise

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