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Living Arrows 19/52

My Living Arrows for this week really does go back to when our little people were just a dream in our eyes.
My 30th birthday, when I was less than 12 weeks pregnant, and we were on a cruise down the Nile.
It seems such a great way to celebrate turning 30 when we booked it, but getting to the 12 week figure was so important to us, and the sweltering temperatures of August in Egypt were too much even for me.
And with all of this, we were on a tight budget. For my 30th Mr J gave me a scarab charm, and as it seems to this day, it was not what he had imagined.

This week an email landed in my inbox ’30th birthday present’.
And the next day it arrived.
And this is what is does:

Living Arrows Ernie

Living Arrows CM

Living Arrows Burt

I had forgotten what wasn’t.

I had held onto what was.

My favourite photos of our trip.

The times of smiles and not hauled up in our cabin rehydrating and napping.

Of my scarab.

Thank you Mr J. xxx
Living Arrows

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