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Living Arrows 14/52

I have an unbelievable amount of favourite photos from our week away in Todmorden, so much so that I can’t choose one for this week, and have done my best and concluded with one of each.
I love that they are in three different locations, of three different adventures, of the many adventures we are lucky enough to enjoy when we return ‘home’.
We are fortunate that on holidays we get to spend all this time together. Yes, there are times when my voice is hoarse with empty threats, but there are all the times when I get to wallow in their offerings, that their love for me being more than mine for them.
These are the holidays when I realise how patient ‘parent-friends’ were with this ‘non-parent couple’, of how much they create the perfect childhood for my little people, creating a home to which my children always want to return.
My children maybe Welsh to me, but I suspect their heart, like their birthplace, will always lie in England.
Walking to Orken Woods, Todmorden Playing in the secret river, Eastwood, Todmorden Playing at Centre Vale Park, Todmorden

Living Arrows
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