Family memories with Photowall

Family memories with Photowall

I think I have always been a homebird. Not so much about the reluctance to leave a childhood home or town, but in wanting to create a home which reflects a place in time, within which I want to spend time.

Mr J is very much the outdoors person in our relationship. Whether it be the Pennines or the South Wales coast, our proximity to the freedom to explore has been at the forefront of our home buying decisions.

We’ve been in South Wales for six years. After surviving the early years with three little people, we’ve now turned to updating our home. With bedrooms now done to taste, and my office a place I enjoy working, it’s time to turn to living spaces.

On reaction I would say Mr J is laid back about home decor. But I’ve recently come to realise that’s not true. He likes what he likes. He really doesn’t like what he doesn’t like.

As a result, our lounge is the bain of our life. When we viewed our home, the lounge had matching curtains and blinds and wallpaper. When we moved in, we were left with the wallpaper. Which isn’t to my taste.

Six years on, we will have white roller-blinds in the window. Until we change the wallpaper I have no idea on colour-scheme, and I don’t want to invest in curtains until we know the colour scheme. It’s been a vicious circle. Canvas in the loungeThere are little hints growing as to what we agree on. Over recent years we’ve added and removed our frames from the walls. We now have our canvas of the three little people just after the boys were born, and a Janet Bell print of Beaumaris. In these two, there are colours which tie together.

Before Christmas we were invited by Photowall to review one of their products. Photowall are a Swedish company, focused on design and quality. They offer a wide range of wall murals and canvas prints. As well as being environmentally friendly and fire-retardant, they do not fade in sunlight. It was this aspect which led us to deciding on a canvas print for our lounge rather than finally beating the curse of the wallpaper.

The lounge of our home is our living space. We fell in love with our home and this space mostly due to its dual aspect. We’re fortunate enough to live at the end of our road,  overlooking a nature reserve (let’s be honest- it’s a quarry), but more importantly- the sea. It also means we attract a lot of sunlight, which has made deciding on a print for our wall challenging.

The offer from Photowall, alongside a recent photoshoot of the children by Sarah Debnam, was perfect timing. Not only to commit a moment to a frame, but in the knowledge that the sun would not fade the image.Photowall frameAnd I love how this turned out. We decided on a monochrome image, so we’re no further forward on the colour scheme for the lounge. But we do have another perfect piece to our family history. I love this capture so much. 

The quality of the canvas is fantastic. When you order the canvas you can specify the size (which we matched with our other canvas). If you’re unsure you can request additional assistance. As it was, our photo was a good quality so the design popped up with an impression based on the type of frame we wanted. I wanted a wrap around effect, so the design showed us which parts of the photo would be on the sides of the frame. All sorted we set to order the frame.

On arrival, the canvas is slightly different – in that you assemble it yourself. This has a few benefits. The print arrived swiftly, to a really high quality, and once you have assembled it- the fitting is actually a lot stronger than our other canvases. Even Mr J was impressed- it was foolproof- as demonstrated by me assembling it in no time at all.

I love the canvas, and I’m really tempted by the rest of the Photowall offer. As well as creating your own canvas there is also a great range of designs, and also a fantastic range of wall murals. So much inspiration for a feature wall!

Disclosure: We were offered the opportunity to receive a canvas for the purpose of this review. All words and opinions contained are our own.

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