Creating a space themed bedroom

Space themed bedroom

This post has been quite a long time in the making. A few final touches took longer than expected, and I’ve still one to go. But my brain’s frazzled. So, here goes. This is what happens when your sons decided they want a Star Wars themed bedroom and you like to negotiate. This is how we went about creating a space themed bedroom for my gorgeous 6 year-old twins.In A Galaxy Far Far AwayOf course, lots of Pinterest inspiration was found, and the first thing I ordered was letters from Hobbycraft along with silver acrylic paint.

The boys were desperate for a Star Wars themed bedroom but after their previous Fireman Sam themed room I wanted to try to aim for something with minimum maintenance in the years ahead.

I started by creating a blank canvas, painting the room white. In order to create ‘space’ I painted the ceiling dark blue. This may well be the high maintenance element to the room in terms of one day bringing it back to white.

New carpet was laid. And with the base in place the fun could begin.DecoratorWe were intending to buy the boys bunk beds from Ikea. However we got to Ikea to realise we couldn’t fit the boxes in the car along with three children. I was so disappointed. A quick look on Gumtree and we found someone selling a frame a short drive from Ikea and it was perfect. Plus we didn’t have to deal with Ikea’s odd sizing. 

 I ordered some mattresses from Mattresses Online (can you tell I used Google?) and duvets and pillows from George at Asda, just for the convenience of shopping online.

Probably the greatest point of contention between me and the boys is their bedding.Space themed bedThe Space Mission range available in Dulnelm was just what I was looking for in terms of colour and simplicity. I had started looking for Space themed curtains and stumbled upon Dulnelm. The range contains the planets and a space shuttle so was a great match for the room. I loved the bedding set and fitted sheet which was part of a range, and the day I popped into buy it I couldn’t help but add the bunting. 

Whilst the boys like the curtains, they really want Star Wars bedding. I think Father Christmas may be stepping in here, as it would be useful to have a second ‘matching’ set. Although I still love their dinosaur bedding it doesn’t quite go.Children's Book CaseI’m still not ready to be rid of our Easy Books Bookcase, so this has remained in the room. Whilst the boys aren’t reading independently it really does help to see their books visually.

You can see in this photo my two compromises- demonstrating the boys really can wrap me around their little fingers.

The first is their Nerf Gum armoury.Nerf armouryBecause I was that mum who refused to have toy guns in the home.

And now, they have an armoury.

It’s the pegboard which became excess to requirements after my office update. And they love it.

Because mummy giving into them having Nerf guns needs to be visually celebrated.Death Star Light FittingThe second is the Death Star. When we designed the bedroom I envisaged having the Ikea Sun light fitting in the centre, but it’s been out of stock forever. 

The boys discovered the Death Star. And whilst I have no doubt at some point it’s going to fall apart, I’ll get over it. The boys inherited CM’s nursery light shade which has served them well for six years. And it also makes them worth the investment. Oh and they love it.

On the flip side of some of the investment pieces came the updates. The storage units were simply made fit for purpose by replacing the red and yellow boxes for the Ikea Kallax unit with light blue, and the red boxes in the Ikea Trofast unit with white.StorageWe’ve also kept my favourite ‘hack’ of displaying the boys’ favourite Skylander characters on Ikea spice racks. We’re also now using Ikea picture ledges for favourite Lego designs.Skylanders displayFor me the piece d’resistance of the room is the ceiling. Whilst I love the lettering on the wall, and they have a lovely print about being brothers and a Star Wars Lego canvas, the ceiling makes me lie on the floor.Stars and space bedroomWhilst I couldn’t have the sun at the centre, we now have the planets orbiting the sun, with the addition of the Death Star.

I looked at the solar system and roughly assigned colours and size to each planet. I then used ebay to order various paper lanterns. I’m hoping Mr J isn’t reading this. I have a bag in the office of alternate size lanterns, based on the Ikea Sun fitting being available. Ho hum.

I used clear thread to hang the lanterns. I bought clear Duck tape to fix the lanterns to the ceiling, but this definitely didn’t work, and I relied upon trusty drawing pins.

I’ve also discovered that Nerf guns are great for shooting down planets. But I find a way not to lose it completely.

Once the planets (well, all but one) were in situ I felt it was too much. I went back to look at one of the boys’ books on the solar system and decided to use a sponge to add a bit of colour- admittedly my effort on the Earth was with a brush. Space themed bedroom solar systemMy two dilemmas which prevented me posting this earlier are associated with stars and Saturn.

For the latter, I have Saturn, I just need to create and find a way to hang the planet and its ring. I’m still pondering.

The stars really have caused me sleepless nights. I have ordered stencils. Tried to build confidence in free-styling. Pondered whether to create my own stencil.

And then, my brain found its gear. At 0030 one insomnia filled night. I ordered nursery wall decals from Not On The High Street. And by the time I got home (I was working way), they were there. And so easy to affix.

You know when something just brings everything together? These stars were completely it. Space themed bedroom ceilingI am so proud of the boys’ room. It’s completely them. It’s low maintenance in terms of tidying. And it’s been a great distraction.

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  • Reply
    Sarah | Boo Roo and Tigger Too
    August 8, 2017 at 08:26

    It looks absolutely amazing. I do love your compromises with the boys along the way and I have to agree with them that every space themed room needs a death star

  • Reply
    August 8, 2017 at 09:22

    What a gorgeous room! My son has a space room too and we have some of the bits from Dunelm too, it’s a lovely range. Love the nerf gun wall!

  • Reply
    August 8, 2017 at 23:14

    It is super cute!! I’m sure your boys must love it. I wish I have a room like this when I was a kid. This room is perfect! It’s every boy’s dream room.

  • Reply
    Winfred Martucci
    December 21, 2018 at 14:28

    greath content!

  • Reply
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