Creating a Rainbow Themed Bedroom

rainbow themed bedroom

Not only did adding all the final touches to CM’s rainbow themed bedroom take forever, but writing this post was a close competitor. Demonstrating my daughter and I are more alike than I’ll ever admit, I’m sure.

As I write this, I’m reminded of all the traumas. That the bed that I’ve taken photos of wasn’t the bed we originally decided on. That, when choosing the detail of her room, CM insisted this Ikea day bed wasn’t for her. She wanted a cabin bed.

That we found the perfect cabin bed, with a desk underneath. But within a couple of months she was sleeping on the floor in protest.

So, after returning to Ikea, I spent a weekend trying to prove I was the perfect mother. And can’t recommend to Ikea enough that following Lego’s tactics better would make furniture assembly much easier. And I can finally boast that I’ve purchased something on Groupon that was worth it, and I did find a perfect desk which allows CM to practice keyboard and complete her homework on a laptop. A rare win.Rainbow respiteAnd that, yes, the Ikea day bed I’ve loved for years is every bit as practical and aesthetically pleasing as I’d hoped. Due to the delay in finishing the bedroom, I also found some fantastic bedding at Matalan.

When I had started planning CM’s room all rainbow bedding was veering toward bespoke, and with a higher price-tag than I would have preferred. I found two sets of bedding at Matalan, one rainbow and the other mandala, which are perfect and great value. The mandala bedding gives me confidence that the room will grow with her. With or without her Build-A-Bear.Good Night Stories Rainbow day bedThe rainbow theme was an odd theme to have arrived at, but at nine CM is in one of those odd age brackets. Too old for themed bedrooms per se, but not quite old enough to accept the potential blandness of a room designed for a teenager. 

Arriving at the rainbow theme offers lots of options which will see us through teenage years. Working with Inspired Wallpaper we decided on a bold wallpaper to complement the rainbow theme. We used it on the main room in CM’s room- creating the rainbow theme but offering the option to dress it up or down in future years. The other walls were painted white, and on one wall we used decals to continue the rainbow theme.Rainbow wallAnd, of course, this is my favourite wall. The combination of so many little touches. CM is seems hates pictures. So whilst I wanted three pictures on her wall, the colouring crayons were all we could agree on. Fortunately we both agreed on the typography I found as an alternative. All three completely reflect CM.

I can’t tell you how much effort went into creating the pom-poms which create the main feature of the wall. The fillable letters from Hobbycraft offer so many options, but it was the rainbow created from pom-poms which appealed most.

We found the perfect rainbow light-shade on Amazon. There are so many options for rainbow light-shades and fittings, this one ticked a lot of boxes in terms of match and price.Rainbow pompomsI also wanted to fill the wall with prints. Which turned out to be far more difficult than envisaged. It turns out my daughter is really selective. She didn’t like my taste on so many prints, fortunately we ended up with a mix which we agreed on and completely reflects her personality.Rainbow wall artWe also went with lots of finishing touches. A rainbow themed light catcher from Amazon, a star-shaped dream catcher, cloud pinboard and cloud bookcase from Vertbaudet, coloured woven fairy light balls from Tiger, and a beautiful rainbow garland from House of Hooray all helped to bring the room together.Rainbow light catcher Cloud bookcase

Cloud corkboardAnd whilst the photos don’t even to begin to share how lovely it is, CM has a reading nook. Made up of gorgeous rainbow chiffon. We’ve hung the chiffon from the ceiling, using an embroidery hoop, and it falls wonderfully to the floor. The nook was created by my mum, and the chiffon falls onto big cushions- created from all the denim clothing my family and I have worn and tired of in recent years. 

It’s true, anything I can do to encourage CM to spend time reading books ticks all of my boxes.Reading cornerAnd it may have taken longer than anticipated to create. But I do love this room. It’s everything we need it to be now, and it’s obvious that it’s only going to take some little tweaks along the way for it to be a bedroom that sees CM into her teenage years.


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    November 8, 2018 at 09:03

    Hi Debbie,
    This is lovely! I’m glad you had not forgotten a reading nook 🙂
    Thanks for sharing CM’s rainbow themed bedroom.

  • Reply
    Kyra Rodriguez
    November 14, 2018 at 02:20

    Amazing and unique idea! Maybe, I should try this for my daughter too!!! Thanks for sharing this!

  • Reply
    Mayumi Sugai
    December 12, 2018 at 08:02

    This is actually a cool idea!! My son loves rainbow, and I think he will like this idea too.

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    mandala definition
    March 21, 2019 at 06:49

    Hi, your ideas are really cool, my kids will be in love with it. Real positive energy in this. Thanks for sharing such beautiful designing.

  • Reply
    lotus mandala
    May 9, 2019 at 18:51

    Your ideas are very cool and unique. My kids will surely love these ideas if I am able to do something like this with there room. Thank you for this beautiful transformation idea.

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