Creating a bedroom for 4 year old twin boys

There’s no getting away from it. This room has been a labour of love lasting the past 18 months. As I’m finally happy with the way the room looks and functions, I thought I’d share it here.

B & E moved into this bedroom just before their 3rd birthday. It was yellow when we bought the house.

Whilst I never thought I’d be the mum who had children with character bedrooms, this one has become one by default, and fortunately is quite flexible as a result.

B & E have loved Fireman Sam since as long as I can remember. And so, as big sister has a room in her favourite colour, the boys were offered the same choice. E’s favourite colour is red- there’s a coincidence there somewhere.

And, so we compromised. Two of the walls are red, the curtains are blue, it became quite Fireman Sam biased by default, especially after they upgraded to single beds and the bedding was added to the mix.

A bedroom for 4  year old  twin boys

Fortunately, for me, as the boys have got older they’ve asked for some of their toys to be moved on. They’re starting to understand that chores get points which eventually mean treats, and also that when they’re too old for toys we can try to sell them and replace them. Anyone with children knows how difficult ridding the house of toys is, especially as they seem to get instantly attached to toys as soon as you find them from the back of a cupboard. But! The boys decided they were too old for their train table and garage which was a bit of good news for me as they took up plenty of our much-needed floor space.

And so with the floor space created I got to work.

Our priority was to try to create room in our lounge, as the majority of toys have always been downstairs. Added to this, we decided it was time for the nursery furniture to move on so we needed something for clothes storage.

And so three bits of storage have been added to the boys’ bedroom.

A bedroom for 4  year old  twin boys

We bought two Kallax units from Ikea, and I was oh so pleased that the Drona boxes tied in with our walls, and we got to cheer E up with some more red in the room. These now home clothes on one side and toys on the other. The Trofast storage is also from Ikea which is absolutely fantastic for the most sought after toys in our home- Lego. 

A bedroom for 4  year old  twin boys

All this storage has the added benefit of being able to home more toys on display, and so now all our the floor space (and our lounge!) is toy free.

At the same time as giving the boys’ room an uplift, the same has been true for CM, and so we’ve rehomed her Tidy Books Bookcase. The boys had been pining after it so have been made up to find it in their room, choosing bedtime stories has become a lot more fun.

A bedroom for 4  year old  twin boys

We also added night lights from Ikea to the room, the boys have become more difficult than they were at bedtime (7pm nights out, sleep by 7.30 is a thing of the past), now we have demands for dimmed lights and water, and so we’ve also added to Spiderman flasks too.

A bedroom for 4  year old  twin boys

We have the benefit of fitted wardrobes which make the world of difference, but as a precautionary measure, I’ve left the two Fireman Sam storage baskets in the room, which are currently empty. My logic is when I get home from work to their trashed room I can just throw the contents in the baskets and clear them up when my energy is higher.

A bedroom for 4  year old  twin boys

And of course, because whilst B seems to have moved on to superheroes, and they both love Power Rangers, E remains more true to Fireman Sam, and so they have a poster each on their walls.

A bedroom for 4  year old  twin boys

What now ties the room together, as superheroes come and go, is the patchwork quilts which adorn the boys beds. Pirate themed and tying the red walls and blue curtains together, they can hide which ever bedding is flavour of the week, and make mummy a bit happier that we haven’t really gone down the road of character themed bedrooms…. Hmmm.

A bedroom for 4  year old  twin boys


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