Beginning Christmas with John Lewis

Beginning Christmas with John Lewis 2

I am so far behind with Christmas this year. My motivation has gone out of the window with the children not breaking up until the 22nd. I love the countdown to Christmas and it feels as though some it going to be missed in the final sprint to the end of term.  Beginning Christmas with John Lewis this year has meant our home has a reflection of our family in our decorations, which has earned me extra ‘good points’ from the children.

In recent years the children have clicked on the OCD which exists between me and the Christmas tree. This year has led me to accept that the Christmas tree is about our family, and so I decided to welcome the Christmas Vomit Tree into our home.

There was no better place to start this journey than John Lewis. I fell in love with the Christmas department in John Lewis last year for its quirky decorations. I have hugged the most gorgeous mug all year emblazoned with ‘Merry & Bright’, just for the irony. The department store offers different stories depending on your taste.

I thought I knew my taste. I love the red and white of Christmas and wooden decorations. Of course, John Lewis introduces you to so many beautiful decorations- you are spoilt for choice. Spotting foxes in John LewisThis year, John Lewis has enchanted us with stories including Into The Woods, Folklore and Winter Palace. All of these were completely in keeping to decorations I love. And, of course, CM on spotting foxes fell hook, line and sinker.

And as CM picked up the fox and decided it must be on our tree, it dawned on me that our tree should be about our family. Whilst I was not immediately drawn to the Lima Llama range, as CM and I started exploring all roads led to this story.

I had decided the first decoration each child would put on the Christmas tree this year should say something about them rather than a colour scheme or style.

CM and the fox was clear. There are so many stories we have this year due to CM’s obsession with foxes. There was no way this decoration wouldn’t adorn our tree. B's globeFor B and E, both choices came from the Lima Llama range. B has an ongoing obsession with the world and the adventure it holds. E’s love of sausage dogs is almost legendary. Two years ago he met one named Sausage. This year, he cried for 30 minutes in Ikea when we refused to buy him a cuddly toy version.

Both decorations were perfect, and the boys loved adding them as our first baubles this year. E's sausage dogAnd so this year, our tree is very different. We’ve added to it with baubles from Paperchase. Baubles featuring Dinosaurs wearing Santa hats surrounded by Christmas trees. And for CM, the baubles have London icons. And each week the children have added homemade decorations, which they’ve created.

This may not feel like the most organised Christmas we’ve ever had. The lounge is sparse in decoration but for the tree. But every decoration we have is loved by the children. And that makes all of this ok.

Disclosure: We were invited to John Lewis to inspire our Christmas tree this year. All words and opinions contained are our own.

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    Sarah | Boo Roo and Tigger Too
    December 20, 2017 at 11:58

    I am quite particular about the Christmas tree that is in the lounge (me a control freak, can you imagine??). I get around this by letting the children have their own tree in their rooms which they can decorate in any which way that they want. I adore John Lewis for Christmas decorations, we picked up a beautiful snowglobe from there this year.

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    Debbie Nicholas
    December 21, 2017 at 12:47

    They have some amazing tree decorations this year in our John Lewis. I could seriously do a tree overhaul every year! Lol

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