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At home with a drone

We talk, from time to time, but in intense conversations, about what home means, about moving back up North. In saner moments it’s acknowledged, the cons do not outweigh the pros. But when we’re there, enjoying the best of times, it’s difficult to remember why we traded the awesome landscape of the Pennines.

We have been so fortunate. We traded one landscape for another.

So, arguing the toss for the one view is difficult.
His Friends vs My Family and Friends.
It’s not an argument either of us can win.

One room with a view for anotherHome - View out from Rhoose PointBut this time of year, when the wind stops battering our home, and the South Wales Coastline becomes a thing of beauty.
Rather than the protagonist of the drama (a phone call about our 12ft trampoline landing in our neighbour’s garden is hardly the call you need when we’re away for the New Year), it is the beauty.  View out from Rhoose PointIt is the five minute walk which creates so much excitement in our little people, realising their spirit of adventure, creating happiness. View out from Rhoose PointIt gives us our path. 
To new adventures.

To a life which is ours.
To continually create.
To breathe.

To appreciate that we have survived the tougher days.
To enjoy the relationships and bonds which surround us.

And to remember to breathe it all in.
(And, of course, to love it all out).Home - Rhoose PointAnd in his case.

To add another string to the bow.

We have had so much frustration with this.

It won’t work on mobile view.

But we have decided, the soundtrack makes it, so please, boot up a laptop, 

And this, this is why I want to stay put.

And this, this is what’s putting the biggest rocket up my husband’s… This is what’s putting the twinkle in my husband’s eye and the fire in his belly!


This is our home.

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