A home office makeover

Home office makeover

The holy grail of creating the perfect office space started last year. This is hopefully the last home office makeover for some time. I do love this space now, it’s just taken a while to get it just so.

Unlike previous attempts to update the office, where it felt a bit-part, this time we decided to gut the space and start over. The home office takes on many roles. It’s my base when I’m working from home; my place to write assignments for university; a place to focus with the boys and do their reading; and it’s full to brim with craft supplies.

It’s been a while since the office started taking shape- and it’s changed a bit in this time. I’m now confident in saying it’s in a shape which works, and includes my aspiration of a reading corner.Reading nookI think this space is my favourite space. I had a deal with Mr J that if I got rid of my bookcases I could have an armchair for my birthday. I have cut back considerably on my books, and whilst it’s not Carrie’s leather armchair from SATC, it fits perfectly with the space. Book nookThe deal with Mr J was won due to bookshelves which I’ve positioned high to allow for the armchair. I have one shelf of classics, some from schooldays. Another shelf is made up of books which are more work-based, and books I’ve promised myself I want to keep. And the final shelf, the lower, is books I’ve recently read or intend to read.

On the walls I have an I Loves the ‘Diff print, which originally looked great parallel to the lower shelf. But I decided to create a display of my theatre tickets, and the frame was too low underneath the shelf. It’s not perfect but I do love it.ILovesTheDiff PrintI have an Ikea Kallax unit holding all of my craft and stationery bits and bobs. It’s a work in progress from an organisational perspective. It hides a multitude of sins (not least the stationery addiction).

The biggest change about the office is the amount of throws. I’ve decided there’s nothing better than sitting in a chair where you can wrap up in a throw as the mood takes. One of the main reasons for this is despite searching high and low I couldn’t find a chair which could replace my office chair of some ten years. The problem with the chair is the cats have gone to town on it. The boys also insisted they wanted a chair in my office to sit and do their own learning, so far from creating a match, the both have throws covering them.Home officeThe desk is absolutely perfect. Yet another Ikea purchase, the Alex/Linnmon spans the entire wall. With drawers for storage there’s even more space to hide bills, letters, coffee pods, and even more stationery. The space underneath is also wide enough to house my printer, Cricut and a basket full of workbags and handbags. 

With the desk spanning the wall it means I have space for the compartments of my life. Whilst work takes centre stage, I’ve managed to add in an essential coffee machine by finding a unit to hold my laptop upright.Technology cornerThe other side of my desk is ‘quieter’. Although most often filled with paper. Whatever the children or I am working on at any time lands in this direction. Peaceful officeI have finished the office with the always necessary motivational prints. After much pondering I ended up going to silver foil prints which look really effective with the glitter from the Crown wallpaper. Of course of the prints had to be Roald Dahl, one had to be offering me the much-needed courage I often need, and the third is a reflection on the texts I still send to Mr J when I’m working away. Office printsI absolutely love coming home to this space. Sitting and having my own time out or desperately trying to find some focus. 

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    Sarah | Boo Roo and Tigger Too
    January 30, 2018 at 08:51

    I’m incredibly jealous of your chair, and the opportunity to curl up whilst devouring a book. I currently have blank walls to look at but I’m hoping to fill it with quotes, inspiration and family photos.

  • Reply
    February 22, 2018 at 08:19

    That reading corner is so inviting! I love that you’ve made your office so personal to you, I’m definitely getting some ideas after seeing this so thank you so much for sharing!

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    December 4, 2019 at 04:02

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