South Wales beaches – Llantwit Major


Our second week off was spent with the children choosing our days out. And of course they reach for what they know, in this case Llantwit Major beach.

At the heart of the choices my children make is the options for food. They adore Simon’s Plaice. Simon’s Plaice is in Boverton and our absolute favourite stop off on the way to Llantwit Major beach.Llantwit Major BeachLlantwit Major beach is a place which holds wonderful memories. It is the beach I remember spending CM’s last day of being 6. It is the beach that sees us from winter to spring.

This time was to be a little different.

We decided our stop off at Simon’s Plaice would offer fuel for our journey. Our journey exploring a little more of the Wales Coastal Path. 

I really should download the App as I have no idea how it works. The less said about the journey from Merthyr Mawr to Ogmore the better. In the case of Llantwit Major to St Donat’s, there was also me stumbling across a pebble beach- fortunately this time the tide was out.

We started by taking the path over the beach. And the beauty of what was in store.Llantwit Major Beach Coast LineThe children enthused by this adventure of the unknown helped keep the pace. There are well-placed stop-offs along the way- stone structures to play inside and jump off. 
Early on we spotted St Donat’s which we were really focused on reaching. Unfortunately the children’s patience was beginning to wane and my parents had arranged to meet us back at the beach, so it seemed best to turn around. But I do really want to return to St Donat’s. Llantwit Major Beach St Donat'sThis was the point of turning around, and it was a gorgeous vantage to stop, breathe and take in our journey: Llantwit Major Beach ayAnd this is the halfway point between Llantwit beach and St Donat’s- Tresilian Bay. With the most gorgeous house overlooking the bay, and so much adventure for little people. Llantwit Major Beach Tresilian Bay With the beach as our reference point, the journey to base seemed much quicker with the end in sight.Llantwit Major Beach LineAnd as it the case with my three. There is all the fun of the beach.

Another perfect day.water-at-llantwit-major-beach siblings-at-llantwit-major-beach B-at-llantwit-major-beach e-2-at-llantwit-major-beachAnd, of course, there’s some video memories. This was a snapshot of our second week of holidays- scoot to Friday if you want to see more of our walk:

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  • Reply
    Agness of eTramping
    October 14, 2017 at 20:27

    Llantwit Major beach seems like a really picturesque place which I would love to visit. Are there any good hiking trails nearby and when’s the best time of the year to explore it?

    • Reply
      November 7, 2017 at 14:44

      It’s actually part of the Wales Coastal Path ( and to me, it’s perfect all year through. Now we’ve been here a few years I find that we spend more time on the coast outside of the summer months- the seasons have so much to offer, so as long as you’re dressed for the weather, it’s always a beautiful sight.

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