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Premier Inn – Euston

My children think all hotels are called Premier Inn. They have good reason, Premier Inn’s have been perfect for all of our trips as they are really family friendly when you just want a bed for the night, for three raucous, excited children. I also use Premier Inn for overnight stays with work, and recently when I found my week split between London and York I used the Premier Inn at London Euston as my bed for the night.Premier Inn London EustonI have to be honest, once you’ve stayed in one Premier Inn, you really have stayed in them all. Some of them may be newer builds, and some of them do feel from the facade and reception like upgraded hotels, but once you’re in your room you are in familiar surroundings.

London Euston is a newer Premier Inn, nearer to Euston but within easy walking distance of Kings Cross – St Pancras. It’s an odd location as the entrance is on the side street with the restaurant overlooking the main road. 

For the first time I used the self-registration system, I was feeling the need for complete anonymity- I just wanted a bed for the night. Whilst the system was slow it worked, and I found myself being able to spend my stay without having to utter anything other than niceties- which suited me fine.
And this is one of the good things about Premier Inn, other times I do feel social (scary I know), and the team are always really friendly, when I turn up with two 5 year-olds and a 7 year-old they are always super accommodating and great with the children. Premier Inn just seems to adapt to its very broad customer base.
Premier Inn London EustonAs you’ll see from this quick video, the facilities within a Premier Inn room are really all that you need.

With everything clean and convenient, and the bed really does meet the sleep guarantee. There’s nothing not to like about Premier Inn for a good overnight stop. The only down side of my room is the photo below. Where I got to do my make-up, so far away from natural light with two horribly fluorescent lights wasn’t great. A tv over the desk is the culprit for this, I just wish there were some mirrors nearer the window.Premier Inn London EustonDownside over, there is no doubting Premier Inn’s offer value for money, especially in London where hotels can be expensive. It is always worth being flexible on dates if you are thinking about a stay as you can really search down some great prices.


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