Please help – @PremierInn or @LegoLandWindsor for that matter

I’ve been a bit of a failure this summer holidays, I don’t think I’ve made so much of a secret of it.
But admittedly I did make a secret of the fact I messed up our summer holiday booking.
I managed to get over it was messed up from the start after I booked our second Sun Holiday for w/c 31st August in April this year.
It started when my computer crashed during the booking, and I booked the wrong location. And whilst I agreed the date with hubby (w/c 31/08/15), as soon as the booking was made I checked the school website and realised the children started school the same week.
Which may or may not have been a problem if it hadn’t been the boys first day of school.
Hubby and I agreed I should breathe through it.

The balance was due in May, and for various personal reasons I didn’t make it. 
And I didn’t realise it either.
Last week, finally realising no booking confirmation had been received, I phoned.
Premier Inn please help
To find out our holiday hadn’t been paid in full by the day in May, and cancelled, but there was no way of reinstating it.

I breathed through my mistake, with lots of tears.
At least my #MummyFail of the boys not attending their first day at school was solved.
I sought to make up for it, like anyone feeling the consequences of a #MummyFail

I decided I’d take them to Legoland for the Inset day on 8th September.
And for ease, I’d book the Premier Inn Slough the night before.
Apart from, #IHAVENOIDEAWHY  I decided to book the hotel room, in keeping with my current error rate, for a week later than needed.
And as much as I pressed the CANCELCANCELCANCEL button as my reservation was going through.

It went through.

And so, I beg you, please tweet @premierinn and see if they’ll solve my latest #mummyfail

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