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Pandamonium at Chessington

aI couldn’t believe how lucky we were when an invite arrived to explore Chessington’s 2016 offering – on CM’s 7th birthday. How could I make a birthday party better than one offering Pandamonium?Pandamonium at Chessington

2015 introduced the stage show of the Penguins of Madagascar, creating a bridge between Chessington’s animals and theme park.

2016 is very much a part of the zoo, but using technology associated with theme parks. A UK first, sees a family of life-like animatronics panda getting up close to families.

The children were more than impressed. The boys were hook, line and sinker for the parent pandas. Completely grasping the need for tenderness and to gain trust through the Panda bow.Pandamonium at ChessingtonCM was a little suspicious. But. The moment she saw the baby Panda. She burst with excitement and love. And when she was given the opportunity for a nose kiss. Well, what could make a better birthday?Pandamonium at ChessingtonI was really impressed with Pandamonium, because it offers a version of a once in a lifetime experience, because it is was a perfect balance for children of all adventure. And  because I watched my children absolutely believing.Pandamonium at Chessington And of course Chessington has even more on offer in 2016.

A fantastic glamping experience, with exclusive access to some of the offerings of Wild India, would create an absolutely perfect set of family memories.  

And launching the 30th Go Ape Adventure in the UK, Chessington now offers a Tree Top Adventure and a Tree Top  Junior Adventure, allowing a family to Go Ape together.Smokehouse Grill at ChessingtonWe were lucky enough to have the opportunity to visit the newly opened Smokehouse Grill and try a taster menu. We were more than impressed with the smoke taste that filled the meat, CM loved the macaroni cheese, and Mr J was a complete convert to Chocolate Beer. This is definitely a place to challenge perceptions of theme park food, and definitely worth a stop off for refuelling when visiting the park. Smokehouse Grill at ChessingtonWe also visited the updated Trail of the Kings. The children were over the moon to get up close with gorillas, tigers, and lions, and came away absolutely invigorated with all of the animals they wanted to visting the following days.Trail of the Kings at Chessington

The overall feel of the updates to Chessington balances the excitement of the theme park. After a night’s rest in the fantastic Azteca Hotel (Please can I tell you again how wonderful it is to have bunks for three children so we genuinely have a family room!?!), we had a fantastic time across the World of Adventures- and, despite making the most of the day, we didn’t have enough time for everything. Meaning with the additions, a two-day break at Chessington would definitely be time well spent.Pandamonium at Chessington

Disclosure: We were invited to experience #Pandamonium as guests of Chessington World of Adventures. All opinions and views contained are our own.

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