Favourite memories – our honeymoon

Putting together our wedding album and trawling through photos obviously led to whiling away time moving onto photographs of our honeymoon.

Our honeymoon in 2010 was our last trip abroad, we went from a couple who holidayed quite a bit in Britain as well as short and long haul flights, to a couple who returned from honeymoon pregnant with twins.

Our honeymoon kept the bar high for holidays, we decided on short-haul as CM had recently turned 1 and we weren’t ready to face long haul (taking hubby on long haul is enough of a trauma). Deciding on Kos was a bit of a no-brainer. I had been there as a 16-year-old and loved the Island, going back I knew it would provide our family with perfect hospitality. And, we were fortunate enough that my parents flew out for the second week to look after our daughter, which meant we got to see lots of the island. We travelled at the end of May, which seemed to offer absolutely perfect weather- the blue skies every holiday relies on.

Our resort was fantastic, with a children’s pool separate to the main pool, this would be CM’s first introduction- and our memories are of her screaming the place down one day, loving it the next, and screaming again the following day. My contrary daughter!Babies holidaying in Kos It would also be the holiday where chocolate ice-cream would be discovered, and devoured.
Babies holidaying in KosAnd it would be a holiday to explore, to island hop and explore the beauty of history and nature.
Holidaying in Kos Holidaying in KosEvery holiday creates the most amazing memories, and we have been so fortunate to have photos which hold the moments so close.

I love that CM has been able to experience ‘foreign lands’ to get a taste of a travel bug so early on in her life.

I hope her brothers don’t have to wait long to board a place to discover their new lands.

And I hope we carry on having photographs like this, dotted around the house, to remind us just how much our family is growing.
An alternative honeymoon in Kos



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