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DoubleTree by Hilton London Islington

Following on from last week’s stay in a Hilton, this week’s stay was at DoubleTree by Hilton. Whilst a Hilton hotel is described as “much more than a full service hotel”, DoubleTree is described as “a comfortable hotel experience”. Arriving at DoubleTree by Hilton London Islington expectations were appropriately set.Doubletree by Hilton London IslingtonThe hotel is conveniently located a short walk from Angel. I’ve stayed in this area a lot as it is close to my base in Barbican. Angel has everything you need in turns of restaurants, bars, cinema and theatre so it’s definitely a good location. I was using it as a half way point as my meeting the following day was near to Kings Cross and the walk is bearable.

On entering the hotel you are met with fantastic contemporary decor. a friendly greeting at Reception and the offer of the trademark warm cookie. Declining the cookie on a calorie count did not faze, I was simply offered fruit in its place.

My room was a standard double (obviously given it was with work). And the room met this expectation.Doubletree by Hilton London IslingtonThe bed was comfy, the room had the facilities needed and the bathroom had a good range of toiletries and the shower was good enough to meet expectations.Doubletree by Hilton London IslingtonThe view wasn’t great, overlooking the goods entrance. I’m guessing it might be have been better than overlooking the street. It did have a desk area, which was appreciated, as was the mirror close to the window for sorting my face in the morning.Doubletree by Hilton London IslingtonMy criticism of the hotel was of the room service. It had been one of those days, nay, one of those weeks, where my plans of a night out were drowned out by my need to hide within four walls. I ordered room service. Remember how I declined the chocolate chip cookie? I ordered the superfood salad with grilled chicken. With a large bottle of water. And I offset it after much deliberation with a slice of a lemon based desert. Five minutes after ordering I had a phone call to let me know the desert was of the menu and to offer alternatives. I took it as a sign of my need to lose some weight and declined. 

A little while later my meal arrived. I needn’t have celebrated the calories I hadn’t gained. I have no idea what it was with the salad, apart from half the ingredients were missing so it basically compromised quinoa, lettuce, pepper and courgette. And to hide the missing ingredients, it was drowned in mayonnaise. Oh I was so unhappy. My laziness of not nipping round the corner to the supermarket was on payback. My night of slobbing out in a hotel room was ruined by the taste of oh-so-much mayonnaise.

Lesson learned- when staying away always explore the surroundings!

And as it always the way, here’s what to expect from a room at the DoubleTree by Hilton London – Islington:

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