Days Out in the South West: Tintagel Castle

I have no idea why I thought it but last year I seem to recall being home for the Easter holidays, whilst everyone else had a glorious time on their holidays, so this year I decided to book a break.

The weather this year wasn’t so great, and our trip to Newquay, Cornwall was limited in beach-time we so explored our surroundings and took a trip to Tintagel Castle.
Tintagel CastleI hope it goes without saying that the views are breathtaking, and the children were well into adventure mode with all the fresh air, climbs and dizzy heights. Me, as it seems an increasingly cautious mum, would have preferred (at ages 4 and 6) a parent:child ratio of 1:1,  as the steepness of the site, the climbs and the visitors, meant we weren’t as fast as others (cause for stress as queues built up), and whilst most is protected from falls, well, I still would have preferred a tighter hand on them all…. maybe at 6 and 8 years it would have been a less stressful experience.
Tintagel CastleTintagel Castle is a medieval castle on the peninsula of Tintagel Island, adjacent to the village of Tintagel. What led me to really wanting to visit was its link with King Arthur.Tintagel CastleThe Welshman Geoffrey of Monmouth was first to bring to play the link between Tintagel and King Arthur in the 12th century. In his book, ‘The History of the Kings of Britain’ Monmouth details the role of Uther Pendragon in summoning Merlin to Tintagel Castle, the magical transformation of Uther to that of Gorlois, bewitching Igraine and in that night Arthur was conceived within the castle walls. Many subsequent Arthurian books have maintained that Arthur was also born at Tintagel.Tintagel CastleThe history of the castle dates back to the late Roman period, with traces of a settlement. In the 5th century houses were built on the remote headland. Richard, Earl of Cornwall, younger brother of Henry III, sited his castle at Tintagel in the 1230s.

The castle had fallen into disrepair by 1330 and now visitors can explore the remains of the Great Hall, ruined chapel and the walled garden.
Tintagel CastleWhichever your chosen understanding of history, Tintagel is a wonderful location to visit, with lots to explore, and 148 steps to take you from the mainland to the wooden door to the Great Hall, you will definitely tire little people ready for a good night’s sleep. Having let their imaginations go wild with such a scenic location, their dreams would definitely be of adventures.Tintagel Castle

Tintagel Castle is managed by English Heritage and makes for a wonderful family day out.
Tintagel Castle

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