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A trip to Thorpe Park with K’NEX

K'NEX at Thorpe Park

A couple of weeks ago we were fortunate enough to be invited to Thorpe Park as guests of K’NEX. As soon as I said ‘K’NEX’ to the boys there was so much excitement. It transpires that one of the BEST things about going into Year 1 is Mrs Shopkins (not her real name obvs!) has K’NEX in her classroom. And you know you’ve made Year 1 when you get to play with K’NEX. Yes, every day really is a school day. B was not so happy, being reminded that he’s being separated from E. Not that being separated from E is the actual issue, more that Miss Sportster (proviso as previous) doesn’t have K’NEX in her class, oh dear!

I digress, we were invited to Thorpe Park with good reason. K’NEX has introduced a new additions to its Thrill Ride Range. I love them. It really does give the freedom to create a theme park. We were lucky enough to have sight of a very expensive roller coaster which I LOVED!! But, in more the ‘definitely on the Christmas list’ range were awesome motorised roller-coasters and ferris wheels – definitely something for me and them!K'NEX at Thorpe ParkWe were able to pop into the Thrills Workshop, not only to create our own K’NEX inventions, but also to see the range in action.  Whilst the children were intrigued by the roller coasters and the velocity of the drops I was more than happy to stay with the beauty of the ferris wheel.Thorpe Park and K'NEXTo the boys’ great excitement, K’NEX has also launched five new additions to K’FORCE Build and Blast range. Designed for children aged 8+ (what’s 2.5 yrs between family?!), you can construct you’re very own customised blaster – I sense I’m going to be working under the design of two 5-year-olds in the not too distant future! And just to add to their joy, the blasters can be big or small, single or multi-shot, and can include motorised blasting fun. I suspect the boys will also become disillusioned by their mother’s construction skills.K'NEX at Thorpe ParkAfter seeing the K’NEX involvement with the theme park we were free to explore what Thorpe Park had to offer. The theme park is more limited than other parks we have visited, given the boys are tiptoeing towards 1.2m and CM toward 1.3. Fortunately we were exploring the park with Sarah from Boo, Roo and Tigger Too so I managed to escape onto Tidal Wave with Roo and CM. I was given due warning. To which I paid no attention. I confidently decided it was better to go at the start of the day to dry off. I think by the time I arrived home I was dry. But yes, I flippin’ loved it – but my hair looked in need of straightening irons for the rest of the day.Thorpe Park King Pig's Wild Hog DodgemsThen, appreciating we had six children to entertain, we looked at the rides with a 1.1m capacity. In many ways Thorpe Park is great in this regard, with many rides allowing one adult to take multiple children. Others where this wasn’t the case, such as the Rocky Express and King Pig’s Wild Hog Dodgems, children can continue to queue in a separate area (if you have alerted the host) to allow you to take each child on separately.Thorpe Park Rocky ExpressAs a seeming traditionalist of theme parks I loved the Storm in a Teacup, reminiscent of waltzers, if only I could turn them as fast, and the more delicate Rumba Rapids offered a sense of calm to proceedings.Thorpe Park Rumba Rapids Thorpe Park Storm in a TeacupFor my little peeps, from the outset it was Amity Beach which held their attention. You can take the child away from Barry Island but you’ll never take Barry Island from the child. 

I wish there was a practical way of my two boys getting to experience Depth Charger without mummy having to queue twice, but this wasn’t to be, and great negotiation came into play. Fortunately the Wet, Wet, Wet slides at the beach made up for any neglect. (Tip: take towels and swimwear, store them in the lockers in the dome whilst you enjoy the rides). 

All in all we had a fab day. Please check out this fab video of everyone getting to see the new K’NEX range as well as a little video of our day.

Disclosure: We were invited to Thorpe Park as guest of K’NEX for the purposes of this post. All thoughts and opinions expressed are our own.

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