A love of London Bridge

In my head I was going to stay in a different hotel for every work visit, to explore new places. I only seem to be managing this on an occasional basis. As my eye searches available hotels I keep returning to the same one. And whilst I try for a little variety, I keep returning. To London Bridge. And all that surrounds it.

I love London Bridge. I love exploring the contrast of old and new. The wonder of the science which underpins the beauty of the surroundings. The wonder of how much life evolves from water to road, from brick to steel and glass.

I love the hotel I stay in – the views of the Tower, the Harbour, the River, or the Bridge. How on earth do you choose a view when given the option?

My to-do list is telling me to sort my hotel bookings for the next few weeks. I’m putting it off. I think I’d like to explore the South Bank with my new camera a bit more, but my eyes are distracted by London Bridge.London Bridge Around London Bridge Over London Bridge London Bridge From London Bridge Under London Bridge London Bridge Views around London Bridge

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