The perfect date- Afternoon Tea at the Park Plaza

When Christmas gifts are more about the joy of time it seemed a wonderful idea to find space in the diary. In our case space in the diary seemed best spent enjoying afternoon tea, and based on recommendations we booked ourselves into the Park Plaza in Cardiff.

I’d like to say we are connoisseurs of the afternoon tea experience, and if enjoying afternoon tea at a fab place in Whitchurch for J’s birthday qualifies us for that, it’s agreed.

But in truth, I’m just grateful for time. For great company.

Christmas gifts are so lovely to receive, but in truth it is the value of the ‘giver’ which tends to mean most, and given how much working life (and family) takes away from the time we once had to put the world to rights over a pint (H!) it always seems as though we overlook the most important aspect of giving gifts- friendship.

The gift of time is worth its weight in gold, whilst a diary date maybe after the festivities, with Afternoon Tea to accompany it, life couldn’t be more perfect.

As someone who rarely gets out on a Sunday now, I am the innocent- in awe of how life continues when not at the whim of children.
We started with a trip to Cardiff’s Vintage Fair at the City Hall, it was great- and soooooo busy. I managed to pick up some lovely crockery, which I now admire on a daily basis- especially with the memories it now holds- and then it was onto Park Plaza, where the tables were full, apart from the table with our name on it.

There is something wonderful about a round table, I am sure psychology comes into play, and yes, with five of us it was perfect, the tea and conversation flowed well.

We chose the traditional Afternoon Tea, admittedly the Gentleman’s Afternoon Tea looked awesome, but it looked like something which needed a few Afternoon Teas to build resilience.

From the moment we were greeted there was a relaxed atmosphere created, never once did there feel like any constraints were put upon us.

Afternoon Tea was a fantastic selection of teas and sandwiches, accompanied by a Welsh Cake and Scone, and an awesome array of desserts.

Afternoon tea at the Park Plaza

For anyone who knows me, my recent infatuation of Waterloo Tea has seen me arrange meetings at work at Wyndham Arcade, and an instant ‘yes’ to the suggestion of catching up at the Washington Rooms in Penarth. So, after randomly deciding on white peach blossom, it was a cause of laughter as we were briefed on our tea being brought from a wonderful, independent tea room based in Cardiff.

What I must remember about Afternoon Tea is that no matter how hungry I am, even pacing myself, unless very cautiously will result in an inability to enjoy all the desserts.

To remember that it is definitely worth taking the time to enjoy all the tastes and textures. They really have been put together with the recipients in mind.Afternoon Tea- credit Nicola Allan

Credit: Nicola Allan

And the Park Plaza’s approach meant we enjoyed each moment, and even chose to continue the experience for a little longer in the bar afterward.

A wonderful time, with awesome friends, long may sharing this valuable commodity continue.

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