Fruit S’mores – Crazy Creations with Num Noms

Fruit S'mores recipe

It seems my children’s imagination needs few prompts. They were recently sent a bundle of Num Noms and asked to may some Crazy Creations. It didn’t take long for their ideas to start flowing.Num Noms Crazy CreationNum Noms Series 3 includes themed Starter Packs. The children received the Marshmallow and Fresh Fruits set.

Which of course, especially because Sara S’mores was included, meant the children just put the two things together and came up with Fruit S’mores Num Noms Crazy CreationS’mores are at the top of the children’s minds at this time of year.

They’ve already started camping in the garden at weekends. S’mores make the children think of toasting marshmallows on the campfire. Although when we’re camping we rarely get as far as creating the s’more, so eager are they to eat the marshmallow from the stick. Fruit S'mores recipeAt home we were free to get started with a shopping list and a trip to the supermarket.

As it was a bank holiday weekend a few more treats than usual fell into the shopping basket.S'mores recipeMy favourite biscuit by far for S’mores is Bahlsen’s. It’s got a really thick layer of chocolate which is perfect for toasted marshmallows. I much prefer the mallow melting the chocolate with the biscuit staying crunchy and not disintegrating. The children aren’t as fond of the crunch, but they get past anything where there’s chocolate and marshmallow. Fruit S'mores ingredientsWe started with everyone’s favourite fruit. E’s going through a mango stage at the moment. There wasn’t any left by the time we got to making the s’mores.

And these were the most special treats:Fruit S'mores ingredientsI knew the chocolate was unlikely to go gooey as we were melting the marshmallow rather than toasting. So of course I had to add some extra jars of yumminess to our cupboard.

And with a bit of inspiration from our Num Noms:Num Noms Crazy CreationEveryone was left to come up with their favourite combinations for the chef to create.Fruit S'mores challenge

Num Noms Crazy CreationThe chef took his role very seriously, and the flavour combinations were delicious.

My favourite was definitely banana and salted caramel, although blueberries and raspberries were a close second. Fruit S'mores recipeDo you like S’mores? If you could make a new flavour combination what would it be?

Disclosure: This is a collaborative post with Num Noms. All views and opinions contained are my own.

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    Sm'affles #NumNomsCrazyCreation - mummy mishaps
    May 23, 2017 at 18:51

    […] Here is one by Debbie for Fruit S’mores  […]

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    jenny Paulin
    May 23, 2017 at 18:52

    love your food creation Debbie – we did something similar but with waffles! my boys LOVE num noms and it looks like yours had great fun making recipe flavour combinations too. x

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