Enjoying Fruit Lollies with EasiYo

Enjoying Fruit Lollies with EasiYo

We’ve been experimenting with an EasiYo Yogurt maker. Given the recent good weather  we wanted to test the yogurt beyond its taste. We decided, as long as the yogurt stood up to the taste test challenge that we would make fruit lollies with EasiYo yogurt.

The EasiYo has had its first redesign in the brand’s 23 year history. Compact in the kitchen cupboard, it doesn’t look out-of-place on the kitchen worktop.EasiYo Red Yogurt MakerThe EasiYo fortunately comes with straightforward instructions and all you need along with the sachet is water. Perfect for responding to a child’s request to ‘make’ in the kitchen.

To make the yogurt you mix a sachet with room temperature water. EasiYo has no artificial colours or flavours and no stabilisers. So it’s helping at the moment as we try to monitor E’s diet as not only does he love to help, but he’s always eager to consume the contents of our fridge.EasiYo Red Yogurt MakerOnce the EasiYo has been left overnight (or for 8-12 hours) you pop it in the refrigerator at that’s it. 1kg of yogurt.

And in our home, as yogurt really does get consumed by the bucketful this is absolutely perfect for us.EasiYo Red Yogurt MakerWe decided to make the EasiYo yogurt a bit more of a treat, and to get a variety of fruit consumed in the process.

We made some fruit lollies with EasiYo and an Easter Egg mould we picked up from Morrisons.Making Fruit Lollies with EasiYoFirst we layered the EasiYo, followed by fruit and then more EasiYo. E decided in mango was his new favourite fruit in the process of the making, so maybe no so much ended up in the lollies.

I used wooden spoons rather than sticks as I thought there was a chance of eating these from the bowls if we were unsuccessful.
Enjoying Fruit Lollies with EasiYoThere was no need to worry. The fruit lollies with EasiYo were absolutely perfect. I can say this confidently as I decided to be truly authentic I should also review one. Enjoying Fruit Lollies with EasiYoAnd as the weather stayed on our side they were the perfect accompaniment to time in the garden.

I loved how easy the EasiYo was to use and ensure we keep our stock of yogurt high.

The yogurt has been a huge hit with the children, it’s thick and creamy as well as tasty. There’s also the added environmental benefit that our recycling as reduced against their usual yogurt consumption. 

The EasiYo Red Yogurt Maker retails at around £18. Like everything it’s worth shopping around as Lakeland currently have them on offer for £8.49 with the yogurt sachets working out at around £2.60 per kilo.

Disclosure: We received an EasiYo Red Yoghurt Maker and yogurt sachets for the purpose of this review. All opinions and words contained are my own.

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