Breakfast at Jamie’s Italian, Cardiff

Jamie's Italian Breakfast Half Monty

An invitation to breakfast should never be turned down. I think it’s a rule I never knew existed. It was enforced when we received an invitation for breakfast at Jamie’s Italian in Cardiff.

Jamie’s Italian may be most associated with evenings out and time with friends, so I was intrigued to see what breakfast time would feel like.Breakfast at Jamie's Italian, CardiffAdmittedly, I curse Saturday mornings. CM discovered her love for climbing last summer, so we discovered Boulders in Cardiff. Which means every Saturday morning we leave home at 9am. Oh how I mourn my Saturday morning lie-ins.

But, yes, when food intervenes the day may be turned. And an invitation to try out the Jamie’s Italian Breakfast Menu should not be overlooked. Especially when I might get to finally try Eggs Benedict Florentine with an Americano. Oh, there is a reason for children.Jamie's Italian Breakfast Eggs BenedictBecause of course the boys couldn’t overlook the idea that mummy and CM were going out for breakfast, they accommodatingly gatecrashed. This was probably a good thing, as it meant we got to see a lot more of Jamie’s Italian offer.

I’ll start with E because, I know I should applaud this, but he went for the fruit bowl and fruit juice. If he weren’t a twin I’d question whether he was my child. 

The fruit bowl was melon, apple and pineapple. So accompanied with orange juice was perfect. I hope you can overlook I didn’t find his breakfast as tempting as the others. The good news was he loved it, and shared his melon with me, so he might be mine really.Jamie's Italian Breakfast Fruit BowlCM and B continue to demonstrate their allegiance by opting for a hot chocolate. 

I was so nervous after a recent hot chocolate experience, which left the majority on clothing. 

This wasn’t the case. In CM’s words: “I didn’t like it, I loved it.” Her tv viewing has been restricted in accordance with her response.Jamie's Italian Breakfast Hot ChocolateBut, gratefully, all contents of both drinks were consumed with resounding happiness.

B went for the Kids’ Monty which looked completely delicious, and met his request of wanting sausage and bacon. It was accompanied by golden potatoes with sticky onions, roast tomatoes, brown cap mushrooms & baked beans. And here’s the thing. My children (well not CM, but the boys) are fantastically adventurous when it comes to food- but all in moderation. Portioning off might have helped, but B really struggled with the idea of potatoes for breakfast. And whilst he’s a cherry/ vine tomato kind of boy, the half tomato seemed to faze him.

On the flip-side, everything he ate was the best he ever tasted, to the extent he kept sharing bite-size portions with his brother. So taste worked but there was food left on the plate.Jamie's Italian Breakfast Kids' MontyCM. I must not forget that she’s my daughter. Because yes, I know it’s all inherited. 

When CM knows she’s going out for breakfast, eggs must be on the menu. And so she went for the Half Monty. And that’s the only difference between the Half and the Child’s Monty. With hindsight, I’m not convinced of the Child’s Monty after seeing the Half Monty. My children love eggs, and like B, the egg was the best CM’s ever eaten. 

I think I’d opt for the Half Monty every time. Jamie's Italian Breakfast Half MontyThe difference between the Half and Full Monty did seem a little more substantive. So I definitely would caution an adult deciding between the Half and Full Monty, informed choices all the way.

And because I can talk authoritatively, let me tell you about my Eggs Benedict Florentine. Delicious yes. More importantly…

This really is a breakfast to set you up for the day. Served on soda bread and, in my case, with an Americano, it is the perfect start to the day. We got home from our activities at 2pm, Mr J offered me lunch and I heard me decline. Obviously trying to control three children hadn’t exerted me enough.

I know I can’t talk about the thing that happens near the end of the year as it’s only June, but I think breakfast at Jamie’s Italian would be the perfect start to any attempt at a shopping spree. 

As Jamie’s Italian is on the doorstep of St David’s 2 I think the benefits of getting an early-bird car-parking space and enjoying a delicious breakfast should not be overlooked if you have shopping in mind.
Jamie's Italian Breakfast Eggs Benedict
Breakfast at Jamie’s Italian, Cardiff is served from 0900 – 1100.

Disclosure: We were invited to try the Breakfast Menu by Jamie’s Italian, Cardiff. All views and opinions contained are our own.

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    Sarah | Boo Roo and Tigger Too
    June 11, 2017 at 10:40

    I must confess to never having thought that Jamie’s Italian offered a breakfast menu. I must pop into the Norwich one to try it out

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