Your child becomes a girl

Life is difficult, and it doesn’t help when you have been through it.

CM is 6. When friendships mean the earth. When the drop of a pin will make or break them.

Each day a different consideration to be lodged.

Each week a different friendship circle to be aware of.

As a mummy, it’s rubbish.

You naturally lean towards certain friends, because the friends seem reasonable, because their parents seem *normal*.

But there is no sway in the mind of a six year old. They will follow their own path.

And you are left.

Trying, and failing, to find the logic in the friendships lost.


Encouraging the friendships gained.

Trying to keep your child the fresh innocent.

Accepting that you want to keep that, perhaps with the compromise of them being *popular*.


I cwtch into my son, crying in his sleep.

And I wonder if I am better off not knowing the traumas which face my sons.

The friendship circles of girls are all too complex, too selfish, too illogical.

I am no longer a friend to my daughter, I hold true my place of confidante.

I will be the person she can tell all to, I will be the person who she knows no fear with, I will be the person to whom she can reveal all.

I will nod, I will empathise, I will not judge, I will just be there.

I will be her mum.

New mumForever.


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