The last day of normal

Yesterday me and him tried to find a normal. It was difficult to know what that would be, it would be guided by him.
The morning was chilled out. A relaxing wake-up between apps on our phones and playing in their rooms. The little people were treated to a shower bath- their favourite.
We made our way into the day. Breakfast. A trip to the local car boot. And then where?
A quick ‘google maps’ and we went where I had promised the boys a while back we would go.
To the lighthouse.
As steadfast Fireman Sam fans this was more than a little exciting.
Aside from the new height limits which meant the boys need to be at least a year older.
There was only momentary unhappiness.
For there is always absolute fun where siblings are involved.

Monk Nash Nash Point

Tomorrow we will tell them, but this was a day of family.


Before we try to explain.

And their lives change.

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