School’s out for summer

School's out for summer

Another school year is done. School’s out for summer.

I have taller children, with bigger feet.

Children who have gained in stature, physically and mentally

I look at my boys and can’t believe how far they are reaching. Two years of being in separate classes has served them well.

We are raising three children, two of whom happen to be twins, but through separate classes their individuality is truly recognised.

Both positively and in developmental terms. This is the year that one of my boys has been recognised as needing extra support- through a diagnosis of ADHD. It is the year that both boys have taken great strides in their learning and their drive for their individuality to be appreciated.

No doubt due to their sister. A girl who will never fail to everything I want to be. Confident in her belief. Uncompromising.

This year has seen her become the person she wants to be. Develop friendships which make her a better person.

She takes education in her stride, effortless. Even if her mother thinks a little more effort wouldn’t be a bad thing.


And now we’re here.

I’ve been fortunate to take them and receive them from their last day of year 2 and 4 respectively.

Of course, merry hell kicked off between those two moments. After four weeks of waiting today would be the day two inky signatures were given to my new work project. Having a day off couldn’t have been planned any better- or not.

But school’s out for summer. And nothing could stop us celebrating these three fantastic children. Escaping for a meal out, returning to create better ice-cream sundaes than it’s worth waiting around in any restaurant for – patience it seems is still a virtue.

We now have the summer.

Moments to create. Memories to hold.

I’m fortunate to have my family, to ground me. To remind me when I’m tapping away at a keyboard that there’s other places I should be.

A family which will take me on a million adventures- familiar and new.

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