Sarah Debnam’s Magical Family Photography

Sarah Debnam's Magical Family Photography

I rather selfishly have delayed publishing this post. Initially because I loved one of the captures so much, under the spell of a glass or two of wine I created Christmas cards. I didn’t want to share until family and friends has received this card. It turns out the less said about my online ordering skills under the influence the better. Secondly, because it’s Christmas, a time to absorb in family. But I can’t say enough about Sarah Debnam’s magical family photography.

I know my children. The ability to capture their magic. As a three. That alone is beyond endorsement. I am sat here typing, knowing behind me is a canvas filled with my children- thanks solely to Sarah’s photography skills.

I first met Sarah as a blogger, and her photography skills were breathtaking. Earlier this year I saw Sarah hit the headlines when she photographed a child’s birth. As a mum of three my instinct was to be grateful my births weren’t captured. And then I looked at Sarah’s portfolio.t made me tempted to revisit the conversation with Mr J of the fourth child. 

Sarah’s photographs are beautiful. And that’s before she set eyes on my cherubs. Ahem.

I have loved seeing Sarah’s landscapes of Wales appear on my timeline, and I have loved watching her captures of children honed, capturing such massive personalities inside tiny people. 

So when the opportunity arose to have my children captured, I couldn’t have waved my hand any higher in the air.

And yes, I completely love her captures.Sarah Debnam Family Photography - the boysI love this one of my boys.

I am a little surprised that Sarah managed to capture this.

In having my children photographed recently I have learned a few lessons.

You need to completely wear them out beforehand, and then bring them back to a good mood, without the high.

Bribing them with treats will not work.

Bribing them with treats in advance definitely does not work.

Getting them to an adrenaline high before a photography session through exercise, and not bringing them down gradually is not a good thing.

I also had the best advice.

That a parent is the best judge of their children, and can take remarkable photographs.

And what I now know of Sarah is that she brings every bit of her parenting ability into taking photographs, which makes her an exceptional photographer. Sarah Debnam Family Photography - an individualThe difficulty with my children, and therefore I have to ‘ergo’ children in general, is that they have “the smile”. “The smile” is reserved for having a camera pointed at them. And whilst the smile is ok, what I love about Sarah’s captures is that she captures the eyes. 

Whilst my children have smiles which melt, and I can hear laughter which is completely contagious, it is their eyes which make me. Their eyes make me know I am doing ok, that they can meet me means I’m doing a good job, and when they light up it means they love life. 

Completely important. And what I see in Sarah’s captures.Sarah Debnam Family Photography - the girlSarah offered this photoshoot as part of her Christmas sessions. And whilst many of the photographs I received from the session embraced Christmas completely, I was really pleased that she captured many which would be held at this moment in their lives.

The session with Sarah was relaxed, and so I am sure if I had said I wanted to add or remove layers to create a wider portfolio, Sarah would have agreed. In saying that, Sarah was really helpful in advising what colours would work best for the session, so I’m sure I could have cleared that earlier.

As it was, the children dictated their clothes, and they worked for creating a Christmas theme and for the other photographs Sarah captured.

Leaving it this long to share my review and photographs means I can share the capture which has adorned our card (singular and grammatical error aside). I loved that the session with Sarah gave us this photo, and so many more which we will hold close.Christmas with Sarah Debnam PhotographyFor the 2017 Christmas session, Sarah charged £50. As well as the session, the price included 5 photos to download and one 12″ x 8″ high quality print.

As an innocent bystander, I think it’s evident Sarah is in this for the love of photography. Adding up the time of session, the editing, and everything which goes with this price. I can’t see how it’s not worth it.

I’ll be sharing tomorrow how one of the downloads has made our living space complete. I intentionally haven’t shared the capture for the purpose of this cliffhanger! 

These may be my children, it may not be the awesomeness of childbirth (this post has made me revisit the consideration of a fourth). But these are my children. I am so grateful Sarah has captured them. Sarah has offered a moment in time for us to see, and appreciate, why we love them like we do.

Disclosure: We were offered a photoshoot for the purpose of this review. All views and opinions are our own.

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