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Penguin fun at Chessington

Chessington World of Adventure has made my children’s day by making 2015 the year of the penguin.

Readers of my previous blog may recall CM’s 3rd birthday wish- for a crocodile and a penguin- and the obsession hasn’t diminished, instead with the support of her brothers it has stepped up a gear.

And Chessington does more than step up to the bar, with DreamWorks’ Penguins of Madagascar offering an exclusive live show. Fortunately, for the savant children all four penguins are on stage to wow the audience with global espionage, and the Cheezy Dibbles are set to reach obsessive levels, as children are also treated to a newly themed ride.

Chessington World of Adventures Penguins of Madagascar

We were lucky enough to start the weekend at Chessington’s Azteca Hotel. I can’t rate the hotel highly enough, and then some. Because this amazing Temple Treasure Room catered for a family of five. And not just a family of five, but for two adults and three children. With a bunk bed with a pull out in a separate area to the main room. It’s so rare that you can find a room for five, and more so one which gives the adults some privacy, so I have to admit to being slightly disappointed the hubby couldn’t join us… although in saying that, the complete high the children were on made up for it completely and as soon as my head hit the pillow I was away.

Azteca Hotel, Chessington World of Adventures

For our first trip to Chessington it was completely awesome. I am always put-off travelling to theme parks because I have this perception of disappointment for young children.

And so, it came to being that I would take a five-year old and two four-year olds to a theme park single-handedly. I assured myself we’d spend lots of time at the zoo which would make it achievable. 

Sea Dragons at Chessington

Yet ended up with not enough time to see the zoo (Which gives a great incentive to return with the hubby on hand!).

The theme park is perfect for children of all ages, and I say that because though my voice went hoarse from trying to control their excitement, when we went back to the car to get our warmer coats (it was cold!!) that rather than going home we went back for more.

Tiny Truckers at Chessington

I have such wonderful memories of my children enjoying Chessington. Quite a few of them are thanks to the team at Chessington. A few of the rides I would have avoided, but as we checked out the Scorpion Express I found that wherever possible Chessington will provide someone to accompany on rides where needed. I know this wouldn’t necessarily be a problem to other families, but with twins and one adult it certainly was. And yet without any fuss, as a few of the rides need an adult to accompanying children below 1.10m, we found we all enjoyed some perfect moments.

Flying Jumbos at Chessington

If distance wasn’t an object we would definitely be back sooner. As it is, and given the high the children were on when we returned home, we will be looking forward to a return trip to Chessington over the Summer to show the hubby the Park and get to the zoo this time.

Penguins exploring their new home in Penguin Bay

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Disclosure: We enjoyed hotel accommodation and a day at Chessington for the purposes of this review. All opinions and views are our own.

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