Making life better

These days my little people really do just make the world a better place.

I was working in London today, fortunately I was on a later train than usual so was able to be there with everyone for breakfast, but missed bedtime- swings and roundabouts.

I got home and whilst the hubby recounted his day, he showed me a video he had taken of everyone playing musical statues.

Just because.

It had been his intention to go to a softplay centre after school as I was home late.

But there was so much fun to be had at home that no-one really wanted to go.

And this is what I love so much now.

We’re not out of the woods yet, but now, now the children play independently, now they play as a team.

And they don’t necessarily need to be taken anywhere physically, their imaginations really do do the doing.

It’s definitely not to say my voice doesn’t go hoarse, that I don’t curse the sound of my own voice as I repeat myself over and over.

And that the hubby wasn’t happy for bedtime to arrive.

But now, we just have a bit more joy, as our little people take the steps along the journey to independence.

Life is good right now, the challenges of 3 under 2, of 3 children born in 22 months, it’s not so much distant memories, the years are filled with so much happiness. A six-year-old and 2 four years is feeling good, it’s feeling like we, as parents, might survive this yet.

Happiness at Llantwit Major beach


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    Polka Dot Family
    March 25, 2015 at 11:10

    I’m always in awe of you for raising three under two, for surviving it and most importantly to still have your sense of humour intact.
    Polka Dot Family recently posted…DodgeballMy Profile

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