Making their day with a trip to Legoland

When we asked the boys in the lead up to the holidays where they would most like to go over the break, their response was loud and clear- Legoland.

The boys are massive Lego fans. I have no idea why it is their favourite more so than their sister, but I think it’s got a lot to do with Ninjago and Chima.

As it turned out, the best parts of Legoland for us were the ones we didn’t predict, but of course, admiring the fantastic models of their favourite characters definitely brought the best of smiles.Fun for a four year old at Legoland Windsor

Ninjago at Legoland WindsorWe read up on Legoland before going, and made a couple of early decisions. We used lots of Tesco Clubcard points to make the trip as cost-effective as possible, and with the savings we booked a hotel for the night before so we could make the most of the day by being local.

In advance we downloaded the Legoland app so we could make good progress around the park, making sure we ticked all of the boxes which would make a memorable trip for the little people.

We arrived as the Park was due to open to make the most of the day and decided any queue for the Hill Train would be worthwhile as I suspected we’d be making the day last as long as possible, so any chance to take the weight off everyone’s feet was appreciated.

In line with previous experience of theme parks, we headed straight for the water-based attractions, we loved the Vikings’ River Splash, and as this was the first stop of the day- before queues had built up- we managed to get two goes in quick succession, earning mum and dad brownie points.

Our next stop was the little people sized ‘Longboat Invader’. This would turn out to be a more frustrating wait. The queues had begun to build up, and as well as our first introduction to queues,  we got to witness the benefit of ‘fast passes’, as an additional whammy this would be the queue where the little people decided they needed the loo, it wasn’t great- added to which there’s a weird child-adult ratio in place, and seats fewer than other rides, and so the queues were even more exasperated.

But of course, it was fab, and after the event, everyone was happy.

And that really was our most frustrating point of the day, from there on we were prepared for queues, factored in loo breaks, and enjoyed every moment.Fun for a 6 year old at Legoland WindsorHeartlake City was a little bit of a turn up for the books. The children loved it, especially the opportunity to play with Lego. But it was Mr J who enjoyed it the most- after CM decided she didn’t want to go on Mia’s Riding Adventure, Mr J had to be brave- and confess he was happy to go it alone.Fun for grown ups at Legoland WindsorAnd I did love all the distractions away from the rides, which seemed to get rid of the excess energy needed for queuing. From Lego building, to stunt shows and the fantastic Castaway Camp- a fantastic play area to let the children run free whilst auras were restored.

A trip on The Dragon convinced the children we had done the scariest ride of the day, the Pirate Falls Treasure Chest was definitely a favourite for all of us.

There were a couple of ‘big hits’ of the day, and ours were definitely the L-Drivers (for 3-5 year olds) and Lego Driving School (6-13 year olds). We did decide to ‘divide and conquer’ this, with Mr J going off with CM – hence the lack of photos- I queued for longer with the boys which meant Mr J and CM managed to catch the boys completing their laps.Fun for a four year old at Legoland Windsor Fun for a 4 year old at Legoland WindsorAdmittedly, they came down to earth with a bump when the conversation established they couldn’t drive home, despite being presented with driving licenses- bad mummy!

Whilst Drench Safari and Raft Racers were closed on our visit, we were more than over the moon with Splash Safari- definitely extra brownie points for packing swimming costumes and towels (Mr J had been wondering why I was lugging round a bag with ‘stuff’ inside). Like the play area, it was great to break up a full day of rides with easy ways to waste energy. And it was an absolute joy to watch the children so happy.Fun for a 4 year old at Legoland Windsor Fun for a 6 year old at Legoland Windsor Fun for a 6 year old at Legoland WindsorWe did a couple of things towards the end which topped the day off perfectly.
We remembered to eat.

We had enjoyed a big breakfast, and drank well during the day and enjoyed a few snacks. Towards the end of the day Legoland do ‘kids eat free’, so we headed back to Heartlake City for pizza and pasta. This worked out perfectly as it also meant we could enjoy a smooth journey home.
And that meant, the last of the rides on our list had reducing queues, and with a bit more energy in our step, we also managed to enjoy the Sky Rider, Space Tower and Aero Nomad, along with a quick walk around Miniland.

I think, inadvertently, we got our trip to Legoland perfectly timed. 

Creating the perfect day out for our family.

If we could ask one thing of Legoland, purely focused on my family- it would be to make a bit more of Ninjago and Chima. The Ninjago Academy really didn’t do it for my boys- when compared to everything else on offer- they were disappointed. Only momentarily. But given the hype it could have done with a bit more.Fun for a 6 year old at Legoland Windsor

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    Sarah | Boo Roo and Tigger Too
    February 6, 2016 at 09:48

    What a fantastic day out, I never knew that there was an app for the park *runs off to download before our next visit*
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